Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Give a Spanking

Freely adapted from Rob Bham's Friday, July 4, 2014, Blogpost on How to Deliver a Good Spanking

"This post was complied from information on the now defunct Ecstasy Leathers website." 

Whether you are experienced or just starting, understanding and improving your adultboy Spanking technique is an important facet of an enhanced Spanking experience for both you and your boy.

Secrets of a Sound Spanking

Many people have never played, nor had the opportunity to watch experienced people play. And perhaps a spouse, partner, or friend has expressed an interest in being spanked or incorporating Spanking into your regular relationship activity. Knowing how to proceed makes all the difference between a satisfying experience and an ill-fated disappointment. A good, sound adultboy Spanking takes anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. By following the suggestions outlined below, an inexperienced player can look like an old hand in making fantasy a reality.

An Inexperienced Player can Look Like an old Hand

The Open Hand 
When using the hand, it should be cupped slightly, with a small gap between the fingers. Place the tip of the thumb against the knuckle of the first finger. The hand should be firm but not tight. 

The wrist should be kept straight, and the elbow should remain bent to adjust to the distance. Impacts come from the upper arm/shoulder, and are delivered straight on to the target. Another style delivers upwards and downwards arcing, glancing swats. Those are harder to target and pull the skin, stinging more.  

The number of positions are limited only by imagination and common sense. Your guiding rule is "comfort is king!" Tightly-stretched positions (e.g. holding the ankles) should be used only for short periods or if your boy is a squirmer. The skin of the buttocks is drawn tight and does not allow for displacing the impact. This leads to marking and bruising—which may be preferred by some boys. Other positions where the bottom's weight is carried by internal organs and the diaphragm (e.g. OTK using a chair) should also only be used for short periods. (A short period means no more than about 5 minutes.) 

Proper Form: Bending Over the Chair Position
  • When bent over, the angle formed between the thighs and back should not exceed 45 degrees. 
  • The "on all fours" position is best when kneeling is done on knees and hands (with straight arms) and not knees and elbows. 
  • Or kneeling mostly upright on the seat of a chair or sofa. 
  • When standing the hands should be placed on a table or back of a chair to help support the weight downward.
  • A wall helps maintain balance, but will not provide support if "dancing" begins.
  •  When lying down, pillows underneath the head, hips and ankles work wonders—it is far more comfortable than simply lying flat.

The sofa or bed makes the most relaxing and enjoyable place for over the knee (OTK) Spankings. Daddy should sit as far back as possible so the boy is completely supported. Placing a pillow under the boy’s head and ankles makes it even more comfortable. When relaxed, the boy finds it easier to go to the right “headspace.” Daddy’s job is to get the boy there, and once there, the boy can get to a point where he seems impervious to pain. There is no need to strike harder or faster thinking they are asleep!. An extended visit across Daddy’s lap can result in a headache from the continued endorphin release in the brain, but that can be handled and should be managed with water breaks (sports drinks also come in handy here, if you could be dehydrating from drinking before hand).

Striking the same spot repeatedly is not preferred by many boys, and results in shorter, less-fulfilling Spankings. The adult boy’s bottom needs time to recover as you go. Striking above the tip of the tailbone is dangerous and pointless—the nerves exiting the base of the spine and the kidneys can easily be injured. An easy way to prevent yourself from doing this during OTK is for Daddy to lightly place one hand on his boy's lower back. Extend the thumb so it touches the tip of the tailbone. This protects the area from inadvertent misses, especially if your boy wiggles, squirms, or kicks.

Targeting: Your Thumb is Your Guide
to the tip of the Tailbone
Draw an imaginary line across the buttocks between the tip of the tailbone and the very top of the thigh. Each cheek will be divided into a upper and lower section. One option is to be systematic, swatting the boy in a rotating pattern—for example: upper left, lower right, upper right, lower left, and repeat. Varying the pattern during play helps, at least once a minute. Then divide each cheek into thirds, create a pattern, then vary it.

Occasionally during play, a single swat to the top of the thigh can be added in. The top of the thigh or legs is a very sensitive area requiring reduced intensity. However, if your boy squirms, a firm, hard swat there can help get your boy in line if you add in a verbal command to stop moving. For maximum effect, be judicious and strategic when using thigh slaps.

Building the Intensity 
There are two different ways (at least) to envision managing the intensity of a Spanking. The intensity depends on the reason for the Spanking. If there is an actual misbehavior being addressed, a Punishment Spanking may be in order, in that case, Punishment Spankings are applied at nearly full intensity with little or no warmup.

Start With Low-Level Intensity, Then Suddenly,
"Daddy just yanked my pants down, and I’m bare-bottomed!” 

If the Spanking is for regular Maintenance or just erotic  play, Spankings have an intensity that should be carefully increased slowly during the Spanking. There are several reasons for this. The low level intensity at the beginning intensity enhances blood flow to the area which helps prevent marking and bruising when the intensity increases. Also, when intensity is carefully increased during the stages of play, the boy can handle much higher levels of intensity, than if not warmed up. (This also helps build confidence and trust when playing with someone for the first time.)

Intensity is built in steps, not a straight line. Imagine an intensity scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lightest impact that can be felt and 10 is the hardest impact that can be tolerated. Intensity is built from 1 to 2 to 3. Then intensity is reduced back to 2, then increased from 2 to 3 to 4. Then back to 3, then from 3 to 4 to 5, etc. During the heart of the Spanking, the intensity can vary from 5 to 10 with rate of the swats being a factor. During cool-down, intensity is reduced back down in steps —from 10 to 9 to 8, then 9 to 8 to 7, etc.

Build up the Rate
Just like intensity, the rate of the swats depends upon the type of discipline being administered. Punishment Spankings normally occur at a constant and brisk rate. Maintenance and erotic Spankings generally start at slower rates and escalate to a rapid rate, with a variety of rate changes adding to the sensation. During warm-up, the rate is slower. Starting at about one swat every other second and increasing gradually to a consistently hand paddling as one would spank a naughty child. (You obviously would just get the Spanking over with if your boy were an actual child, so if your boy likes to be taken into that headspace, use that to your advantage.)

A slow and steady rate is relaxing and comforting, and puts the boy at ease. A corresponding “Cool-down” is the complement to the warm-up and will result in a slowed rate of swats—about 1 per second decreasing to once every 2-3 seconds. To be clear, a lot of adult boys do not actually appreciate "cool-down" and want to conclude on a rapid-fire bottom warming ending with Cornertime or other nonSpanking punishments. 

Rapid-fire Handspanking for Effect,
Then Ratchet it Back Down
During the heart of the Spanking, maximum effect results when the pace varies slightly. The anticipation of the impact is as intoxicating as the impact itself—varying the timing retains that anticipation.  Maintain a rate of about 1 per second, then gradually increase to about 2 per second. Then gradually decrease to about 1 per second. The whole cycle should take about a minute. And an alert Daddy will notice the boy clenching in anticipation of the timing—skip a beat. Then swat him repeatedly for 30 seconds, then slow down. Interrupting with scolding, or checking in with new boys by standing them in The Corner so they can compose themselves, but end up right back over your knee, can result in a lot of intensity for the boy.

A few short bursts of about 4 impacts per second really heighten the heart of a Spanking. Coming without warning, the bursts should last about 15-30 seconds.

The Warm-up
The warm-up is the most important part of Maintenance and erotic OTK play, and should take a full third of the time spent. It sets the tone and calms a racing heart. Daddy should position the boy, and make himself and the boy as comfortable as is possible, given someone’s about to have a red bottom very soon.

A good OTK session begins over the clothing, starting at a rate of about 3 per second and increasing to about 1 per second. Intensity steps up from 3 to about 6. At this point, the top layer of clothing is removed exposing the boy’s underpants. Doing this layer-by-layer approach heightens the anticipation. But this can be done quickly too. If a boy is being handspanked across the seat of his jeans, there’s no reason you cannot quite reasonably get frustrated with all the fabric getting in the way of your hand, pull the boy up off your lap, and swiftly yank his jeans or shorts down for a Spanking on his underpants. The suddenness move can catch a boy off guard, and if you ratchet down the intensity after yanking him back across your knee, then you can spank the now much more exposed and shaken up boy for a much longer time. You do this so you can get into the boy’s head, not just his bottom. Giving a boy a bit of a “shake up” helps define who is the Daddy and who is the boy. It can be damaging to the Spanking experience for many boys, if it feels like a massage.

If the boy has arranged ahead of time for you not to pull his pants down, then you should begin to ratchet up the intensity using a paddle across the seat of his pants. Canes won’t work well, unless the fabric is thin, but a good caning will work. Most boys will be hesitant to allow you to cane them, unless you really know how to. So, sticking with a paddle or The Hairbrush can also make a pants-up Spanking much more memorable.

The Next Level
With underpants exposed, regulating back to a warm-up pace can help prolong the Spanking. No need to skimp or rush—remember to always keep building the anticipation, and by doing so you build up the length of time, quality of experience, and even the sense memory, so the boy remembers his Spanking well into next week. Near the end, pull down his underpants and expose his well-reddened cheeks. If you have built up slowly enough, his bottom will be ready for much more, but his brain will be very shaken up. “Oh my god! My Daddy just yanked my pants down, and I’m bare-bottomed!” At the very least, by this time, the boy’s bottom should at least be a very even light pink.

I highly recommend pulling the underpants down just below the buttocks, and swatting him firmly, repeatedly. Then stopping, getting frustrated with the pants in the way, and sliding his underpants down to just above the knees or straight down to the ankles. This again will work into the boy’s brain, not just his bottom, the precarious position he is in.

But remember, he’s much more exposed, so now is a great time to tease him with The Hairbrush or a paddle or an over the knee Spanking Stick of your choice (cane, switch, paint paddle, 2’ ruler, or other Spanking Tool) that can be applied firmly, but not overly hard. You should use this and gauge how much he can take on his underpants-covered bottom. Frankly, the sensation is, in fact, not all that different from a bare bottom, but if you have gotten into his headspace, it’ll be “the worst thing ever!” So, you can ratchet the intensity of the paddle down a bit or put it down and continue handspanking.

When done correctly, this will be an escalating time of excitement and loss of power or exchange of power for the boy. Patience and generosity is critical. Take your time, allow the boy to have his way for a time, remembering to build the anticipation, and not pounding his bottom, but again working up with a lower intensity at first on his underpants. You are ready to bare his bottom and deliver a sound Spanking across his red cheeks.

The Heart of the Spanking
For the cautious, thoughtful Daddy, this is where the rubber meets the road. Having built the intensity in steps, and varying the rate, you are in fourth or even fifth gear now. By adding in the short bursts, the Spanking Tool(s), the scolding or Cornertime breaks, your boy is now ready to absorb the entire experience as a soundly spanked little boy. 

After using the hand, this can be a great time to return to Spanking Tools you rely on to make your boy respond. The techniques described under intensity and rate can be repeated using them as well. 

Spanking Tools to Learn & Grow By

Different tools provide different sensations, obviously. Implements having a small contact surface area are generally "stingy," while those having a larger surface area are "thuddy." Different shapes (e.g. oval) apply impact over different areas to vary the sensation. It’s best if you have already identified what your boy prefers. I would never introduce a leather belt if my boy didn’t like straps; and I would never paddle a boy who wants to be strapped. Every boy will have a preference, usually—they are rarely into both thuddy and stingy, so check ahead of time via text or email or (phone) chat. 

Roughly, 80% of boys prefer leather over wood. Wood offers no forgiveness to match the contour of the bottom, and has a tendency to bruise. Focus on the favorite sensation, but do not completely neglect the other—if a boy will allow you to also use a stingy Spanking Tool, it will add contrast and be much more memorable. 

This can also be another time when it is worth varying positions. Doing so can break the energy or provide further excitement for the boy, so be strategic and intentional. Cornertime before a firm, long paddling can be really helpful. Give you boy a drink. Make him look at his bottom in the mirror to show him what he’s made you do. And all the while, this will give Daddy the chance to stretch and catch a breath.

"We're not finished yet. 
You stand here and think about that."
Daddy still pays close attention during this time, and admonishes his boy if the boy gets rowdy or misbehaves in The Corner, or wherever you put him, during this time out. The boy cannot see his own buttocks, and Daddy is responsible now. It is better to go longer and lighter, and maybe take this time to show the boy the state of his bottom. "Look what I had to do because of your bad behavior!" or even "Daddy doesn't like to have to do this. We're not finished yet. You stand here and think about that."

The Cool-down 
For some boys, this is the best part, and well worth a quarter of the time spent—a time of gentle sighs and deep relaxation. There is no substitute for the hand to cool down the bottom in a lying down OTK position.  Gradually step down the intensity and reduce the rate—do not hurry. When at the lowest level, light swats helps to maintain blood flow. This reduces a marking or bruising that may appear later.

A nice finishing touch is aftercare. Apply Weleda “Skin Food” or an Arnica-based product. Both will heal a well-bruised bottom and this provides Daddy plenty of time to rub his boy’s bottom, giving the boy a terrific sensate experience while at the same time being totally practical. If the bottom beating was hard, then the rubbing in of the salve will feel like a massage. The practical effect will be to not only feel great, but to be great for the boy’s bottom.

Aftercare is a Great Slow "Cool-down"Trick
Aftercare is a Great Slow "Cool-down"Trick
For some boys, this is the best part, and well worth a quarter of the time spent—a time of gentle sighs and deep relaxation. There is no substitute for the hand to cool down the bottom in a lying down OTK position.  Gradually step down the intensity and reduce the rate—do not hurry. When at the lowest level, light swats helps to maintain blood flow. This reduces a marking or bruising that may appear later.

A nice finishing touch is aftercare. Apply Weleda “Skin Food” or an Arnica-based product. Both will heal a well-bruised bottom and this provides Daddy plenty of time to rub his boy’s bottom, giving the boy a terrific sensate experience while at the same time being totally practical. If the bottom beating was hard, then the rubbing in of the salve will feel like a massage. The practical effect will be to not only feel great, but to be great for the boy’s bottom.

And no Daddy wants to look at an ugly bottom, so keep your boy’s bottom fresh and springy, so he can go back over your knee very, very soon! Badboys, be advised, aftercare applied by Daddy is both a terrific joy and a note of caution. Daddys, you might want to tell your boys that!

Tips and tricks
  • Hand spanking can leave small red speckles on the bottom—the intensity should be reduced and the rate increased.
  • Check that the palm remains slightly cupped.
  • Check the side of the buttock furthest away several times during the Spanking. If Spanking Tools are used, soft leather and canes can wrap, leaving marks that are painful and not pleasantly so. That’s ideal for a Punishment Spanking, but really not the goal.
  • Dark red swirls or bright red/bluish outlines on the cheeks indicate the intensity is too high. Either the Spanking tool is too heavy, too stiff, or is being used too hard.

This post was compiled from information on the now defunct Ecstasy Leathers website. 
Posted by RobBham on 7/04/2014 
Rewritten and repurposed by Cornertime Confidential on 9/15/14


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Spanking Billboard

Photoshop or Street art!?  Thank you, New York


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Monday, September 8, 2014

An Exceptional Headmaster for the ASB in all of us

ASBs: All Rise for the HeadMaster

Today's post is a tribute to the exceptional work of Manvet from He has a very special ability we don't see with every Daddy Who Spanks. In the videos on his adultschoolboy profile, he produces excellent amateur, schoolboy-focused Spankings mostly with the cane or slipper.

I find Manvet to be a compelling character on screen. The boys' situation is really humiliating and exceptionally well executed, and yet, Manvet himself says, "None of the videos are scripted in detail—the 'simple' plot and punishment are agreed beforehand and we simply get going. No scripted words to learn."

[FYI: I'm ASSUMING this is Manvet, based on what I've seen on Special thanks to Ben Dover for this video from his page. Note how incredibly painful each swipe of the Spanking Stick seems through his heavy shorts! That's Manvet's expertise!]

Manvet continued, "We just get right into the right frame of mind and 'go for it'." The plots can be domestic or school based and use a variety of different punishments, but the ones in the headmaster's study are so authentic seeming. I love how Manvet captures the experience of the boy perfectly. I wonder if part of this is his demeanour.

I mean, if you had a Sir sporting a 6' 5" rugby forward build with strength to match telling you that he "takes no nonsense from his sons or pupils," then you might suddenly become the fidgety boy just watching his videos too. He goes on to say, "I will not hesitate to take a naughty boy in hand and put him over my knees for a good Old-Fashioned Spanking on his pants or bare bottom."

Making his videos, he says, is not the primary focus of his time with the boys he oversees. "We only [shoot] videos when all parties agree,and even then in only about 25% of actual punishments, as setting up cameras etc can seriously disrupt the 'fun'." 

ManVet's Study
It makes me really jealous of all his readers in London, because he's looking for "sons or pupils who just want to be adolescent boys and try and have their way by not doing chores such as keeping their bedroom tidy, not doing their homework, who are cheeky or insolent, refuse to go to bed on time, etc."

And apparently, finding adult boys is relatively easy through the internet on numerous websites, and of course, by word of mouth and recommendations from friends and acquaintances. I love play like this.

From my perspective, adult boy play is a lot of fun. What drives me to join in the shenanigans is that with Daddys like Manvet, the scene can completely shift, when you find yourself staring at the carpet in the lounge, because you've just been up-ended for a bottom warming.

His motto sort of says it all:

 "Life was never meant to be easy for a growing boy!"


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Friday, September 5, 2014

Dobie Gillis Upsets Daddy

Flashback Fridays: Dobie Gillis

When you Upset Daddy, you go Over his Knee
I have no idea what the show "Dobie Gillis" is or was back in the...'50s?...but, thanks yet again to Wayne from my nascent Google+ account, we have a video link to the best pajama spanking I've seen in ages. Pity that women are involved in this, but the hard handspanking in his PJs, made this well worth posting. I hope you enjoy!

Pajama spankings are an area I haven't spent nearly enough time catalogueing. I have loads of followers (many from Indonesia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia generally) that have asked me to pursue and include more content on spankings of Adult boys in their PJs.

I hope you'll all will share your spanking pajama stories, so I can add that content into this blog.


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Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Steps to Domestic Discipline Success

Happy Labor Day, Daddys! 

Spankings are a Lotta Work.

Maintenance Spankings for Labor Day

Being a Daddy can be a lot of work. (Just look at this picture above.)

But how do you paddle a bottom this red and this sore and abrased in a city, when your neighbors are literally only feet from your Spanking chair?

Wh\en you live in a city, the biggest problem for Daddys and their adultboys is to have a place to soundly spank. It's rarely, if ever, convenient. But for whatever reason the neighbors in the flat next door hadn't moved in today, and the neighbors above didn't come home around the 5 p.m. hour, so...
Paddled With the Folsom Wine Auction Paddle

Usually I'm stuck suffering under the footsteps ("following in his father's footschtaaps") of my Frankenstein monster little girl neighbor above who is maybe on a good day 95 pounds. She stomps around and stomps around, and then gives me the worst looks when me and my Daddy are sitting on the steps upstairs watching the world go by afterwards.

Her boyfriend says nothing and is friendly as pie. But she is so bitter and heavy-footed. OK, I'm getting off track here.
The Hairbrush & The Underpants Lines Youch!
Well, Labor Day weekend means that Little Miss Rich Girl goes on expensive vacay paid for by her fiance on her Dad. So, I'm in my flat alone, waiting for Daddy to come home. Daddy got the keys to my place about 3 months ago.

But I guess you know you have a great, great Daddy when you keep getting texts asking if I'm home yet. In spite of the fact that I want him to just walk in the door, it's great that he decides to only enter judiciously, not like he is The King here.

Well, he is The King here, but in the end, we're both grown men, so, we have to be careful about stomping on emotions that run much deeper than my desire for a Domestic Discipline relationship.

At any rate I'm feeling really lucky, as many of you know because Daddy and I are finding ways to make Domestic Discipline work even though we do not live together.

5 Steps to Take for Domestic Discipline Success
(For those who do not live together)

Step 1: Learn to get over your fear of making the neighbors uncomfortable. (Funny, but the neighbors upstairs do not make as much of a big stink about Spanking noises any more).

Daddy Helping me get Ready for the Supermarket
After my Spanking
Step 2: When you spank adult boys, expect that there will be noise from The Paddle or hand cracking across the room, as you crack The Paddle across your boy's big bottom.

Step 3: Expect that your voice may carry, scold knowing that voices carry.

Step 4: Deliver a sound Spanking, no matter the interruption, so you do not impede the growth of your DD relationship. The best thing to do is work through interruptions like texts and phone calls, and just call back people later.

Step 5: Apply Aftercare, This way if you have to apply The Paddle hard enough to bruise, you can still keep your boy's bottom in good shape.

I remember when I was about 25, a friend saying, "Oh my gawd, the neighbors—you know, those two hot guys on the 2nd floor?—well, I heard a hard slap the other day, and then one of them yelped like he'd been hit. And I heard the one who hit him say, 'Put that down. I told you not to pick up fragile things without permiession!'"

Looking back now, it wasn't abuse. It was Domestic Discipline play for a couple in the city. My buddy just didn't know, and heck, I didn't know, that adults did this with one another either.

Daddy Getting Frustrated That the
Damned Batman Belt is Hard to get on Correctly.
The most complicated part tonight was for Daddy to deliver a sound Spanking when my phone was going off with texts and rings and dings and whistles alerting me to texts, emails, and updates. It was so annoying for him that before he applied Aftercare to my red, sore bottom, he told me to check my phone to make sure no one was about to knock on the damned door!

Anyways, lastly, the coolest thing ever happened:. There were no significant interruptions. At least not by locals folks seeing if I was home for a sip 'n' chat after work. Instead, Daddy pulled up my little underpants, snapped my elastic waistband, and told me to go get into shorts that we could go to the supermarket in. I pulled on some adult shorts. But I like to keep myself in as many boys clothes as possible, and underneath my shirt, my Batman belt wasn't fitting (Yay! That means I've lost a little weight in the middle!). And, so Daddy took the time to fix my belt, so it was snug.

I'm not sure what's more important when we engage in DD. Is the Spanking the important part, or the part that makes me feel as close to a real 10 year old boy as possible. Daddy fixing my belt, so we can go out and do stuff? Well, both are super great, but wow how cool is it to get to live as Daddy's little boy?

So, Happy Labor Day, Daddys and boys, spend the energy to keep those boys in line! A truly Domestic Discipline relationship can be had for the asking. The hard part is the asking....ask for what you really want.Don't assume your partner will just not be able to be your boy or your Daddy.

It's hard work initially, but then you can take it slow and steady. taking steps to achieve your version of what you think your dream might look like.


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Friday, August 29, 2014

Jim Parson's Shows off Sheldon's Spanking Technique

I don't know how much you know about spanking technique, but thanks to Conan O'Brien and the star of "The Big Bang Theory," national television in the U.S. tried to help provide some advice.

I think that the technique part at minute 3:40 that Jim Parsons shares is really quite helpful. I am not sure that the guys in this realize just how accurate Sheldon is being, but thanks to the time Sheldon takes to explain this, we find that there may be something to this. The "melody of the spanking" as I've read on James' page on, and reposted on this blog, I think Sheldon has something there.


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Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Give an Old-fashioned Hairbrush Spanking

Today: A Deeper Dive Into
Proper Hairbrush Spanking Technique

Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spankings and How to Administer Them

Cornertime Confidential has been blessed to have the chance to bring you the skillful approaches to adult boy Spankings from some of the best in the business:
And now it's my supreme pleasure to bring you the Old-Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking skill of Margusta Margusta. He's a really interesting character living (I assume) in London, but originally from, perhaps, the Baltics? At any rate, Margusta's skill in using wooden Spanking Tools on his boys is far superior to most Daddys out there. Here's why....

I will ask your indulgence here and request you ignore the stoic, frozen response from the spanked boy here, Robbie. The boy here appears to either be a "model" or at least not that into the Spanking experience. However, the technique Margusta uses with the Hairbrush is, well, striking!

For those Daddys out there looking for a true, well-thought-out Old-Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking technique, this video shows the ideal Spanking style to a "T!"

Still flummoxed by Robbie's inert response, I was compelled to look a bit deeper. As I read the post, I found a comment from a guy called "Southfork" who provided interesting insight from the original posting on SouthSpanking about Robbie and his response. Southfork said::
The Possibilities are Endless
But Badly Used, the Result can be Lousy.

"Robbie's holding position in his tiptoes with legs widely spread and silent acceptance of The Hairbrush reminds me of the stoic acceptance that was expected and understood as the only way to successfully receive a Spanking when I became involved with B&D whole-heartedly in the early 1980s. 

Of course, the clip is a little more enjoyable, because we know the top is strict and forceful and the bottom is handsome with a perfect butt for Spanking that becomes more attractive as it becomes more red. Although Robbie is obviously accepting of his Spanking and his butt is quite red, the occasional rubbing by Margusta, to me, indicates he is properly doing his job as a Spanker in that he is checking for subcutaneous damage to determine whether an adjustment in intensity is necessary."

A couple of interesting points here:
  1. On Margusta: "...we know the top is strict and forceful..." I think Southfork hits on it! It's not just that Margusta uses The Hairbrush with expert skill, but also that he is strict and forceful in a surprisingly authentic way, given that the boy is obviously strong and able to break away.
  2. On doing your job as a Spanker: "...he is checking for damage to determine whether an adjustment is necessary..." It's clear as a bell to me from Southfork's remark, that The Spanker needs to be Spanking not just completely engrossed in the moment, but also just enough from outside of his own headspace that he can calibrate, and not just beat the bottom senseless.

Hairbrushes are surprisingly painful Spanking Tools in the toolkit of adult boy discipline, and so it's important to know how to wield The Hairbrush effectively. The experience is both endorphin-rushing and simply terrifying enough that it’s critical to be there to help your boy get out of his own safe space, and release himself to feel what it's like to be a helpless brat deserving an Old-fashioned Hairbrush Spanking.

Here you can see Margusta at work for

Always Remember to Calibrate as you go so you get the Response you Seek
Whenever you Give an Old Fashioined Hairbrush Spanking

The Spanker cannot own and lead the experience, if he's out of control. I think we see in the video above what being in total control can look like. A part of it is finding a way to calibrate as you go and still enjoy yourself as the Daddy. Margusta does this by stopping to silently rub the boy’s bottom, but there certainly are other ways including scolding, Cornertime, and other nonSpanking punishments that enable Daddys to calibrate as they go. 

Find the style that's right for you! Then learn how to effectively communicate with your boys as they are over your knee. The difference will surprise you. 

A Coda
After this post ran, I received a helpful tick list from PJ. He had some great advice for Daddys and sons about how to implement The Hairbrush in your Domestic Discipline properly. I hope you find this as helpful as I did!

"Just wanted to commend you on another excellently written piece:  How to Give an Old-Fashioned Hairbrushing. A basic wooden hairbrush has always been my go-to implement and, although it may not be the sexiest or hippest item out there, I like the fact that it's simple, easy to use, and harkens back to a simpler time for all of us.  

"Should you ever choose to write an addendum, I thought I'd fire off a few bullet points I've learned from years of using a hairbrush for purposes of other than brushing my hair:

  • Be mindful of the weight of the brush you're using.  A heavy brush can only be used for a short time and may not able to achieve the desired psychological effect you want before the boy's bottom gives out.  Conversely, a very light brush can either break or can be used to spank until the cows come home with very little effect at all.
  • Be mindful of the hairbrush's physical size. A brush with a large surface area can be used more like a traditional paddle but a smaller one should be used more sparingly since it's blows will have a harsher impact on the buttocks. 
  • Coverage and Application. One of the great advantages about a hairbrush is that due to it's manageable size, the spanker can use it in a more controlled and focused manner than other implements (e.g. a belt, a cane, a paddle, etc.) Consequently, you can make sure that every inch of the boy's bottom has been thoroughly punished— from the crown of his mounds to all-important sit spot to the tender inside of his cheeks.  
  • Call and Response. Although the hairbrush is tiny, it is a very painful instrument.  Pay exceptionally close attention to your boy's body language and the tonal quality of his voice.  At times it may be important to ease up on the spanks and increase the lecture in order to give his bottom a chance to adapt to the onslaught of smacks. If necessary, send him back to The Corner for a brief spell to "think about things" while his butt has some recovery time.  
  • Display as a Reminder. If it's a boy you discipline regularly, think about insisting that he keep the hairbrush in plain view at all times.  After all, unlike a leather paddle or a razor strop, a simple wooden hairbrush isn't going to raise any eyebrows from friends and house guests.  However, he will know it's dual purpose and every time he sees it, he will be reminded of the consequences of misbehavior. 

What do you do when administering an 
Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking that works for you!?


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off

Flashback Fridays 

"3rd Rock From the Sun" & "Veronica Mars'

I had a surprising meeting today. A new Daddy told me about some scene with a character called Logan Echolls from a 1990s TV show called "Veronica Mars." There was a surprising (and badly edited with terrible music, btw) that linked me to the belt-selection scene where Veronica Mars' friend Logan is sent to his father's closet to select the belt that will be used to beat his behind with.

It was a well shot scene. But the selection on YouTube was kinda lousy, so....I'll keep searching until I find something more sharable.

From this wiki on the Internet I learned, "his relationship with his abusive father Aaron is largely hostile. Intimations of Aaron's abuse begin to emerge partway through Season One, when he punishes Logan for embarrassing him by whipping him with a belt...."

Harry Hamlin is the Dad, and the snippet of the scene I caught randomly was quite good. I wish I could have heard the dialogue though, and not "Luka." It was a little confusing.

According to Mark Watches, the episode was on "
Veronica Mars- Season One, Episode Six: "Return of the Kane" 

Original Air Date: November 2, 2004 
Directed by: Sarah Pia Anderson 
Written by: Rob Thomas, story; Phil Klemmer, teleplay

"Logan looks so cowed and small here. I'm not feeling much sympathy over him getting in shit over this particular incident because what he was doing to those homeless guys was horrible, but the way he's shrinking here, I'm gonna say there's some history with his dad here. And his dad isn't mad at him for doing something awful... but for embarrassing him and for how it looks. Guy clearly has some shit role models at home. 

"Huh. Looks like there's another layer to this Wanda business... 

"Duncan seems like a really good guy. He's just lost. 

"Logan's dad doesn't care in the slightest what he did. Just what he can do to fix the PR issue. I would have thought the moment where Logan donates half a million on his dad's behalf was just an "oh snap" moment of revenge, but he did it knowing what would happen. When the scene cuts to him selecting the belt that's going to be used to whip him, you know that he had made the choice in the last scene to take this punishment in exchange for standing up to his dad, even if only for a moment. And mom just sits there quietly drinking. No one is entirely what they seem on the surface in this town. "

Until I find the original clip, here's an exchange from "3rd Rock From the Sun" about spankings that made me chuckle. Hope you smile too. Used to love that show. 

Bug: My father? Very strict. It didn't matter that I was the youngest, when I would act up, he gave me his belt. 
Dick: You wore the same size? 
Bug: No, as punishment he would put me over his knee and give me a whooping. 
Dick: He gave a "whoopin" and a belt? 
BugWith a belt. 
Dick: And then he gave you the belt? 
Bug: Um... yeah.

— 3rd Rock From The Sun


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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's Back-to-School—Time for New Underpants!

Taming the Tiger: Littleboy-style Underpants for Grown-ups 

Have you Purchased Your Back-to-School  Briefs yet?
(Isn't my new backpack and Spiderman sheets cool?)
Cornertime Confidential received the query below from a regular reader, and the exchange was useful for those of us who love our memories of going back-to-school shopping and feeling the complete humiliation and dread when your mom dragged you through the underpants section of the department store and said, 

"Honey, now what size underpants do you need again, Tiger?"

[At a certain point, I remember being called Tiger or Alligator in public made me just cringe. I think it's safe to say I must have been over 10 years old at that point. But anyways...]

My 5- to 12- year-old inner child still remembers the time the girl down the street Terri ran into me waiting while my mom purchased my brand spanking new white new briefs. As I stood there waiting for my mom to take her own sweet time of it—horrified that she made me stand there so I didn't run off—Terri,a precocious girl, proceeded to wrestle me to the ground to yank on the waistband of my underpants to determine for herself if I wore—in her words—"bun huggers." 


The wedgie she yanked into me hurt bad enough, but my fragile little ego! Oh man.
I Strongly Encourage you to Purchase Tiger Yellow-dash,
their Rocketship-print, & their Tiger-print Briefs. 
Well, now I'm all grown up, and perhaps because of these indelible moments, I have since become a complete expert in the purchasing and slow perusing of the Underpants aisles in stores. This work is challenging when you really search and search in the boys or youth section for XXL boys briefs that you can wear, however. Oh! The sheer number of women who just stare at me as I try to find the right Underpants! They look at skinny me and must be thinking, "I wonder why his son needs XXL? He must be terribly fat!!"

So, where were we? At any rate, I thought I'd share a question raised by reader Tom. His inquiry opened up the need to review past blogposts and delve more deeply into this important topic: 

Where can a grown man go to purchase underpants that look 100% boyish but fit well for sizes 32 and larger? 

The Premium Double-seat Brief
Tom asked:
"I’m thinking about ordering Tiger brand briefs today. I think you said that there was one waistband color that seemed to fit best. Can't remember if it was yellow or black. Can you refresh my memory?

"BTW, also just ordered my Old Skool Briefs yesterday. Restocking my doubleseat drawers! How kewl is that???


Cornertime Confidential says:
Here's my take: everything with Tiger Underpants depends upon your body type. I am skinny, so some Tiger brand white briefs do not fit super well on me. However, the yellow dash double seat briefs are  the best ones of the vintage double seat variety that they carry. (I didn't know they had black-dash briefs, so, I cannot recommend or not.) 

When you fit yourself into a pair of Tiger briefs, it's like gettin' in the saddle. These are now made in the traditional foundation garment style, where you feel like you are literally ensconced in your briefs. There's nothing like the unique feeling of being in a pair of doubleseat underpants. The purpose, I think, it to make boys feel secure in case they have accidents, and as an adultboy, I have to say, there's something to that. You feel very conscious of feeling that you have a rock solid foundation holding you up when you slip them on in the morning.

For the uniqueness alone,  I strongly encourage you to make a purchase of their yellow-dash, their Rocketship print (100% cotton), and their Tiger print (50/50 poly cotton) briefs. (I avoid their original blue- and red- dash doubleseat briefs, because the doubleseat pants I received in the mail several years ago when I bought from their original production were oddly trimmed in the seat and the leg loops were too loose for me. It is possible they've fixed that situation, but I haven't yet heard back from the manufacturer on that).
Good Morning, DoubleSeat Bottom,
Time For School!
On the other hand, the blue single seat, regular briefs do fit just great. I wear those "on schooldays" all day long. They have a mid-rise brief now but the sizing didn't work for me. However, the snug bottom and firm fit in the legs for the Rocketship print and Tiger print Underpants was exceptional. They are both doubleseat, and they make you feel like a little boy with plenty of room in the front all day long!  That's important for big boys like me (well, I'm not big, but you get what I mean!)

At any rate, I cannot encourage you more! They are a premium product in the price department to be sure, but finding a really well-made brief that looks like you are a 10 year old boy is rare indeed. You are talking to a guy here who has 100s of pairs of Underpants and at least 50 or more are cartoon print or color/print briefs. I know what I'm talking about. In addition, I must have about 25 different types of doubleseat briefs. For my money, there are only two companies who are making them well right now: Tiger and Gunze. However, Gunze (out of Japan) are cut in a way that is slightly baggy and I find not flattering. Also, I cannot read Japanese, so clicking on the right pair that is definitely doubleseat is hard to do! But below you'll find the URL for both.

From the Archive: if you found this blogpost helpful, you might also like:

Gunze's YG Double-seat Briefs, size 34
As I mentioned above, Tiger briefs are generally quite a loose fit in the legloops and waist, and as a boy, I prefer my underpants more snug there, at least more bottom-fitting. I'm regularly a 32-34, but I need to purchase the youth/boys size 18-20 so I have no fit problems. If you do not have beefy legs, order the youth sizes. If you have beefy legs, order the men's sizes. I'd guess that if I ordered a men's 32-34, I'd be swimming in them! So, caveat emptor!

It's not super difficult to talk with or email with the owner of the company, so it may be worth communicating with him via his site's email/contact us link. He can tell you all the latest about his Thailand-manufactured Underpants and any form changes he's made to the original designs. My sense is that he's a fair player. Admittedly, the price is steep, but he is making such a niche product, I think he earns his price. Basically, it's expensive because he can sell them for that price, the price could be based on volume for all I know. As the customer, you'll probably never know the truth. However, I can tell you, there are few manufacturers of this premium, traditional type of boy's doubleseat Underpants made in men's sizes. I've only found these companies:
But I encourage you to give Tiger's owner a shout out before you purchase and ask his guidance, because I love love love owning and being Spanked soundly in his Underpants. I save up my pennies so I can buy myself briefs with little boy dashes around the waistband! I own nine different pairs of Tiger brand briefs now. So, for me, Tiger comes "recommended" with only the slightest reservations spelled out above.

Gunze is another doubleseat company I have in profusion. I own like 13 pair. But they are a little tough to wear if you have an "American" body. I find they are slightly awkward (read: uncomfortable) in the front and too full in the seat.They cover my entire bottom really fully, which makes them less-than-perfect for Spankings. My pair of Old Skool Briefs are super duper cool looking, but too loose in the leg loops and slightly too brief in the seat. I find that they work for Spankings, but not for everyday wear. And I've never tried Bell's almost exclusively, because I've never seen a pair and there do not appear to be images of the seat online, so I refuse to purchase those. Any Australian readers want to tell me about Bell's? Please chime in.

So happy back-to-school briefs shopping, everyone. 

And now, let's go out on a song from Spongebob about his Underpants:


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