Friday, October 31, 2014

Preparing for Halloween

Getting Your 10-Year-Old adult boy 
Prepared for Halloween

As much as this is a bit of a reprint from last year, this is also my peon to my fantastic ebay-purchased training pants with spooks, jack-o-lanterns, and bats. They make me look like a little bat boy when me and my Daddy are sitting around the house watching the game.

It's super fun to be able to live as the 10-year-old boy in the house (albeit, one who sometimes has to be put in pull-ups and training pants while the game is on)! But in my spooky diaper cover, I get to be seasonal too! LOL.

At any rate, this is a Halloween post, and while I don't recall ever getting a Spanking on Halloween. I do remember frequent fights with my brother and sister over the candy that kept disappearing from my bag. They said it was ghosts stealing from my bag. I may or may not have been bright enough to know that that was a rouse.

I'll be honest with you, unlike most boys like me, I never really liked Halloween. When I was maybe very little, it was exciting to swim in candy, yes. But once the candy excitement wore off, there was little to keep my interest. Besides, like I said, by day two, there was a noticeable drop off in the content of my bag—either because mom or dad were cutting me off, or my brother or sister was stealing from me. I had a really effective ability to ask for and get the Snickers bars from the adults in the neighborhood, so I'm sure people saw my sweet candy booty and thought...I want that.

My 'tween years were a mad dash around the neighborhood with my best friend (the one I told you about who I used to spank or get spanked by when we were about ages 5-11) on bikes racing between houses, ringing doorbells and getting as much as we could. It was a half-hearted affair for me. My best friend learned to love this. He did, actually, end up in prison years later for all the trouble he caused stealing and selling drugs. Yeah, so I don't have the best memories of Halloween.

My Spooky Pull Ups Diaper Cover
One upside of all this disappointment with real Halloween, by the time I became a teen and could get into violent slasher and horror flicks, I became obsessed.

Still love 'em.

So if there are other boys or even Daddys out there reading this who need friends to go see the latest horror flick, get ahold of me!

But Halloween—I remember at some point, someone told me the Greenwich Village Halloween parade was the best thing in America. I think they were trying to say in a shocking whisper, "Go down there, and you can see boys dressed as girls!" I remember thinking, "Oh, that's something I've not seen before. I should go do that." But then I just spent the night avoiding marauding, roving bands of youth looking very drunk and very threatening. Youths who peed on everything because they were so drunk. Yeeeesh. I'm not sure I saw any of those girl-boys while I was there. I left that quickly.

Thank you Goodnights XL Boys' Pull Ups!
So it is with great pride and joy, I share with you my latest solution to the Halloween blues. My new briefs/diaper cover from a lady in the midwest who made these and sold 'em on ebay for adult boys like me!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them.

I have since reached out to her, and heard nothing. I am assuming she is realizing somewhere along the way that I'm a grown man, not an actual boy in need of a diaper cover. So it goes. However, I have to tell you. These are the real thing. Sooooo genuine, perfectly fitted, and immensely fun to wear, especially on Halloween and throughout the spooky fall season!

These briefs are also fun for playdates when Daddys pull together a group of boys to come over and  ideal for just about any spank party!

Covered Bottoms, Ready for Halloween Play Party!
So maybe a Halloween Spanking party might be in order...

  • What's the trick?! 
  • And Who's the treat?! 


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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Boy's View

Spanked Together

Being Spanked with another boy or more is simultaneously the most exciting and embarrassing thing that can happen to an adult boy. I was at my local Spanking party the other day, my Daddy had been gone waaaaay too long with his Marine Corps buddies (I know, I know, it sounds very hot. But it wasn't), and I was being spanked by Daddy Christopher.

A Boy's Eye View: What it's Like
Us boys in this area are lucky, because there are quite a lot of Daddys here who are willing to help out all the adult boys whose bottoms are not being taken care of on a regular basis. I couldn't believe how great it was! I guess I'd forgotten what it was like to be spanked soundly in front of a lot of other Daddys and boys.

I was sitting there when my buddy boyBen was telling me about his Sir and him. Seems boys like us have a lot of interesting challenges, and boyBen certainly had a challenge alright. He's one of those super kewl boys who I've been lucky enough to spy on while he's been being spanked.

I guess, in the end, it wasn't about boyBen anyways. It was about me and my experience over Daddy Christopher's knee. I was there, and Daddy had pulled out a really painful small-headed stick that really really really stung.

I was just miserable from the Spanking and needed to be put in The Corner to catch my breath and take a break. And Daddy took the opportunity to do just that. While I stood there, another boy Peter—who is a scoundrel brat who always tries to get all the attentionbecause he's super good looking and super bratty—got across Daddy Christopher's knee. Anyways, I had told Peter earlier in the day that he couldn't spank me, See,Peter likes to spank other boys too. But I think he was just play acting or just being rascalish.

Sam Diego Looking Square in the Face of his Partner in Crime!
Anyways, he walked up to Daddy Christopher when I couldn't interrupt because I was supposed to be quiet. I was in The Corner, so I couldn't stop the proceedings. It was just agony! But it all worked out. In the end, Peter was a good bad boy. He got a heck of a Spanking, and then he had to go into The Corner as I was put back over Daddy C's knee so he could finish the job.

All I could think was that I couldn't quite see, but Peter's red bottom was there, there for all to see. And I was standing in The Corner, face to the wall, with my bare, red bottom for all to see.

It was a Saturday afternoon in the city. Like any other Saturday. But it was so intense.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Clorox Cleans White Underpants White Again

I kinda don't know what to say. Came upon this on the terrific Celebrities in their Underpants blog and just had to replay for you here. I do not recall this commercial playing in America. I must say, that is a shame.
  • Is this telling us that pattern briefs can be turned white?
  • Are we discovering that grown boys can do their own washing?
  • Or is there some other special message?

You decide!

Debuting: Clorox Smart Seek Bleach from MultiVu Video on Vimeo.

About a year ago, I posted the blogpost below and think that these are still pretty terrific instructions.




I See White City!

johnny' Treasured Briefs
OMG OMG OMG I am always so excited to give my boys briefs as gifts to Spanking friends who really value them!  Invited to spend a Domestic Discipline (DD) weekend, Daddy's partner johnny is an avid boys underpants collector. He doesn't just collect 'em; he wears them daily! But vintage boys briefs are a true find and treasure for boys like us. I am so glad I can share them on this blog with you all.  

Well during our DD weekend, Daddy was still at work, and johnny casually mentioned that he was looking for a very specific type of boys brief. I think I might have posted pics of my favorite briefs and it stuck in his mind. Well, he asked me for a pair of vintage boys size 18-20 Hanes red/black striped waistband briefs. And well, I happened to have three pair, so I sent one of them in the mail after I'd returned home.

When Daddy is away, the boys will play, and johnny and I got to take a super long time just going through each and every pair of briefs in his enormous collection.  Seeing just how incredibly enthusiastic I am about great boys briefs, johnny took pity on me.  He gave me original blue waistband 1960s boys briefs (FoTL, before they switched over to the blue and yellow dual stripe), a pair of vintage Macy's "greendog" briefs, and 1990s Old Navy white boys xlarge briefs. 

Well, when you love the original, red/black Vintage Hanes boy's briefs and waistband as much as johnny and I do, you have an obligation to treat them like gold. ...hopefully like me, wild horses cannot drag these briefs out of johnny's possession now that he owns them, but for those of you who spend far too much time and money on ebay purchasing vintage briefs, I have a handy little advice list to keep you seeing White City as your briefs get worn and age!

If you prefer to regularly wear your vintage boybriefs, and you get any boystains on or in your briefs and regular warm water laundry washing doesn't get them out, discover the joy of spot cleaning with this product here: again, use judiciously and spot clean only!
    Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner with Bleach
  1. Spray very closely, so you don't spray the product on a wider area that isn't stained.  Spray just on the skidmarks (skiddies for our Euro friends) or stains in front.
  2. Don't let it sit, that'll turn them yellow in that spot on which you spray.
  3. Rub vigorously or scrub without tearing for about 10-30 seconds as needed.
  4. Rinse very thoroughly in hot, hot tap water.
  5. Then, do NOT just wear again one they air dry, instead,
  6. Run through with your regular whites in the wash on warm or cold with regular washing machine soap.
  7. Blammo! Perfectly white, clean underpants, ready for adult boy wear and tear.

Wooo Hooooo!

Hopefully you all find this info useful. I think clean whites are something all boys should start with, because inevitably, between playground time in 'em, goofin' around the house in 'em, failing to change daily, well, these things add up and our favorite briefs can get pretty wrecked. That's to the good people at Clorox, Adult Boys don't have to look forlornly any more at the briefs they've overused and overloved.

The concentrated solution in the spray bottle prevents the ultimate ruin of Vintage briefs: bleaching in a hot washing machine. No Vintage briefs should ever be run through the washer in bleach, they can yellow pretty darned easily and lose the elasticity in the leg loops or waistband. 

Just writing that made me wince.

Original Towncraft Boys Briefs Waistband
I have kept the remains of a Vintage pair of Towncraft Size 18-20 boys briefs from the 1960s that I'd picked up in a thrift store in Virginia that I loved--that I cherished for years--and about 5 years ago, I decided, "Oh, these will perk right up if I bleach them." They did just the opposite.

In the wash the elastic got damaged somehow, which when I pulled them up to wear, resulted  in them pulling apart (which for those who know about Towncraft briefs) is like the rarest of the rare events.

These were solid state, man. These were briefs you could run over with a truck and still peel them off the pavement and wear for another decade.

But the sheer age (at least 40 years old, from the late '60s) means that the bleach had gotten into the waistband and they became spongey, and basically unravelled. I think I actually cried.

OMG, don't tell johnny that, boys'll laugh at other boys who cry!

Anywayz, all that to say, spot bleach only, rinse thoroughly, and then wash in a machine with regular gentle soap! Don't do this by hand. The machine will be the only thing that can wash all the bleach out.


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Monday, October 20, 2014

Escalating to a Punishment Spanking

Whoopins for adult boys: What we can Learn From From Others


What do you when—after the first Spanking—you see the same bad behavior return?

  • Just try Spanking again?
  • Try a nonSpanking punishment?
  • Deny your adultboy Spankings until actual behavior improves?
It's a tough question for those engaged in Domestic Discipline.

WARNING: The rest of this blogpost does contain specifics about a third degree felony child abuse count. Do not keep reading and do not watch the video referenced if you are uncomfortable with the content. The details of what this Mentor did was not right. In fact it was actionable by law. This blogpost only encourages using his techniques between consenting adults. Please, lord, do not misinterprete my intentions here.

In a search for a practical answers to this complicated situation, a Tumblr follower of mine from Italy helped direct my attention to an online father, poet, spoken-word artist from Orlando, Fla., who took a real-life approach to dealing with a 7-year-old boy he is a mentor to  that while illegal with children under the age of 18, can be easliy adapted by consenting adults, so you can straightforwardly escalate from a base level Spanking to a Punishment Spanking, based on recurrent bad behaviors in a relationship.

Video Report: Man shaves boy's head as punishment gallery
Try This at Home With adult boys Only
In our Domestic Discipline lives, it can get difficult to envision effective ways to impress upon naughty little adult boys how seriously Daddy expects to see a change in behavior.

The effectiveness of this Dad's approach transliterated to the adult experience is as psychological as it is Corporal Punishment. There are nonSpanking punishments involved which I think, if applied with some precision, could be very helpful for DD relationships or any two men engaged in Corporal Punishment.

Corporal Punishment Tips (from the African American Community)

Apparently, in the African American community, shaving your son's head for misbehaving or "acting up" is a fairly normal affair. It is a nonSpanking disciplinary technique designed specifically to humiliate boys into behaving. The "Swag" that a black boy's hair is at school marks him for being cool and whatnot.

Well, my guess is that with a real, honest-to-goodness badboy, a shaving is probably not going to work. But for adult boys like me...this is a great idea. For the record, my Daddy shaves me often just before my Maintenance Spankings, and I know I do connect discipline and good behavior around my Daddy with shaving.

This came to my attention recently when one Devory Broox was done for third degree felony child abuse for taking the belt to his son. Interesting learnings that I've included below came from watching the original video that this Orlando, Fla., Dad shot of himself.

Let me clarify again: the video is hard to watch for multiple reasons, not least of which is because no child should be exposed to this kind of treatment, even if the boy's behavior is atrocious.

However, the details of how this Dad decided to roll out his boy's discipline was complex and completely repurpose-able for adult boys and the Daddys Who Spank us. It's an superb example of effective, old-fashioned Domestic Discipline technique that can be incorporated by our CP Daddys and their adult boys into your Spanking lives.

How to Escalate to a Punishment Spanking

Here are some key approaches that can help you get from point A to point B if you are struggling to get from point A to point B with the boys you discipline.
Investigate First: Use Rhetorical Questions Before Spanking
Demand Answers Quickly
  1. Investigate: Discuss the Behavior & Use Rhetorical Questions Before the Spanking. The portion in the video subtitled "The Investigation" is full of great ideas for Daddys Who Spank. They include making your boy explain himself by posing rhetorical questions that can't be answered without the boy realizing he's wrong. Highlights from the video include:
  • "...We are going to go back into the room and put this belt to work on your behind." and
  • "And you want us to reward your bad behavior? So we whipped your behind the last time, for nothing? Is that what you are telling me?"
  1. 2    Define a Specific Behavior & Use it in Scolding. Here I think adults need to be flexible. It's possible if you are working one-on-one with a boy who is trying to not smoke, and he is caught a second time, then you could use an actual misbehavior. If none exists, I think one can adapt, "acting up in school" to something more generic like "disobeying Daddy," after you've punished the boy once already for the same behavior. 
    Have a Noticable Spanking Tool in Plain View

    3.   Have A Noticeable Spanking Tool in Plain Sight. The Belt being draped around Daddys neck as a "prop" for The Spanking that is about to happen was sheer brilliance. I haven't ever seen that before, and thought, "Now there's a great idea to inculcate anticipation from the beginning." The use of props to build anticipation and excitement have lots of potential outcomes. Imagine if you were just going on a day visit to Daddys, and he opens the door to greet you with a belt draped around his neck! For those like me who do not like belts, Daddy can have a paddle tucked into his back pocket. Then when he lets you in, he can make his boy walk behind him, so the boy can see it as he enters Daddy's house. After he has a good look, The Investigation should begin.

    4.   Call a Friend. Having a Spanking friend come 'round in the middle of your boy's scolding is also a kinda brilliant idea. So, pre-Spanking, there is another Daddy there, ostensibly to back Daddy up, if he gets tired whippin your behind. He can also be placed strategically in the room to watch, bringing an added level of embarrassment to the boy's punishment.

    Paddle Talk
    5.   Return to the Use of Effective Rhetorical Dialogue During the Spanking. Highlights from the video include: 
  • "How many times did I tell you? Huh? How many times? Now why are you crying? This doesn't mean anything to you." 
  • "Yes, it DOES." [assuming the boy responds in the affirmative] 
  • "No, this isn't doing nothing to you. Just [the other day], you started acting up again. This whipping doesn't mean anything to you."
  •  This line of Daddy dialogue works for adult boys, because this keeps Daddy in control and the Spanking thorough and out of the boy's hands.

Analysing the Results From This Video

Step 1: The Investigation
On video we see the Mentor standing with his belt—the one that will be "put to work" later—draped around his neck standing over his boy with an electric razor in his hand about to shave his boy's head.
"Your hair is gone. You can't get hair back,
until you decide you are going to behave yourself."

Daddy/boy Dialogue (Part 1)
"What happened at school?"
"We were just laughing and playing"
"What do you go to school for?"
"To learn"
"Yup, to learn. So your grandmother sent you to me because..."
"Because I was acting up."
"What happened on Monday? She sent you to me, because you were acting up. So you deliberately went back to school, after I told you to behave in class. Were you saying, '[Screw] me?'"
"No, Sir."
"You might as well say it to my face. Say it to my face. So, when I whipped your [behind] on Monday, that wasn't good enough for you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"It was? Hmmm...well, obviously it wasn't.Grandma sends you to school with a fresh haircut, you look real good. We come over here and play video games, we have a good time. We do."
"Yes, sir."
"But you want us to reward your bad behavior. So we did all that on Monday, for nothing. Is that what you are telling me?"
"Don't you think I have better things to do than
talk to you about behaving yourself?"
"No, sir."
"You just want to disrespect me and your grandmother. You realize that?"
"Yes, sir."
"You are a [boy], you know that? So this is what's about to happen. Your hair is gone. You can't get hair back, until you decide you are going to behave yourself. And then after I cut your hair, we are going to go back into the room and put this belt to work on your behind."

[A dog can be heard barking. There's someone at the door. It's the Mentor's buddy Mike, a fellow spoken word artist.]
"I think that's Mike. Yeah, that's Mike right there." [Mike comes to the bathroom entryway and sees that the boy's hair isn't cut yet.]
[His friend Mike says,] "He ready?"

Key Takeaways:
  • First, Daddy scolds for the misbehavior—by identifying what the boy did, in this instance for deliberate, willful disobedience and open defiance.
  • The adult boy is expected to be fairly silent thoroughout, but must also answer Daddy when questions are asked. 
  • There are consequences for the boy using inappropriate language. In this video, the boy says, "Sh*t!" when the razor is switched on. That language results in the Mentor shaving off his boy's eyebrows.
Step 2. Removal of the "Swag"
Next, the Mentor uses shaving his boy's head as a punishment for being naughty. If you are going to behave like a child, you will not be permitted to wear your hair any way you please. This is because you are a boy, and I am a responsible adult. Shaving will be used as punishment.

Daddy/boy Dialogue (Part 2)
"Let's Go. Drop Your Pants."
"Nah, we gotta take first steps first. We cutting his hair. Don't you think I have better things to do than talk to you about behaving yourself?"
"Yes, sir."
"You thought I was just playing with you [when you got your whippin on Monday]. You know, boy, you need a bald cut."
[Mike says,] "Yeah, he would like that."
"Yeah, right? Let's see how many friends you get with a haircut like this. OK, here's what's going on: it's time. Brush all that hair off first. 

[Boy brushes the hair off his neck and back.]

That's what's happening. We're 'bout to take turns. 

Let's go. Drop your pants."

[They leave the bathroom and head into the next room where Mike is waiting to witness this Spanking.]

Key takeaways:
  1. While Daddy shaves his boy, they will discuss how the boy's bottom will be beaten with this belt.
  2. Then, Daddy takes the time to explain that The Belt (which he has draped over my shoulders as he shaves your head) will be used across your behind when we are done in the bathroom shaving your head.
  3. Out of the blue, Daddy's friend enters the house; (obviously, this is prearranged and agreed to by the boy ahead of time). Daddy's buddy comes over to the bathroom and sees you having your head shaved in the bathroom. This could also precipitate dialogue between the adults in the room about the Spanking that's about to take place.
  4. Daddy informs his boy that this other Daddy is here to continue beating your bottom with the belt when "my arm" gets tired. The boy will also realize at this point, he will be watched while he is spanked for being naughty.
Step 3: Beat the Boy's Behind
I believe that this is where the disciplines hits the skids. There is far too much yelling and cursing from the Mentor. This should be a calm, sound Spanking, but this section of video turns into some sort of  out of control adult beating a child. This is appalling, avoidable, and could have been done much better to accentuate the effectiveness of all the preamble above.

Daddy/boy Dialogue (Part 3)
The boy will also realize at this point, he will be watched
while he is spanked for being naughty.
[On the video, we see an empty bathroom, but hear the Daddy/boy dialogue clearly. And the Spanking. We clearly hear loud swats off camera:]
"How many times did I tell you? Huh? How many times? Now why are you crying? This doesn't mean anything to you."
"Yes, it DOES!!!"
"No, this isn't doing nothing to you. Just Monday, you took your [behind] right back down to school, and you started acting up again."
"OK, OK."
"No, it's not OK. 'Cuz you going back to school tomorrow, and you act up tomorrow, and...remove your damned hand. You out of your mind?"
"OK, OK. It hurts. It DOES. That hurts!!!"

Key takeaways:
  1. Once the shaving is complete, Daddy provides clear instructions that his boy is to get up, brush the loose hair off, drop his pants, and head into the next room where Daddy's friend Mike will be waiting and watching.
  2. The Spanking commences immediately in the next room. 
  3. All discussion is over with.
  4. The adult boy will have his bottom beaten with The Prop (belt, switch, paddle) the boy has just seen throughout the entire preamble, which was also referred to during Daddy's "Investigation."
  5. During the boy's bottom beating, the adult boy is required to tell Daddy why the last time Daddy beat his bottom did not result in better and proper behavior.
I want to re-emphasize that this is not proper for children. 
But for adult boys!? Perfection.

The Mental Experience:
 The Very Essence of Cornertime Confidential
We live in a world full of great Corporal Punishment ideas, opportunities, and communities. The more we think holistically about the entire CP experience for both Daddy and adult boy, the better.

One can whack away at am adult boy's bottom, but the essential elements that build full-integrated, satisfying experiences for both are rarely giving and receiving physical pain for the sake of pain.

Without the mental experience front and center, the rest is a kinda of off-color physical abuse. I suppose the video of this "Mentor" is proof of that if you needed it. In a consensual arrangement, I suppose there doesn't really need to be the give and take for some. But for me, it's the very essence of Cornertime Confidential.

The lessons we can take away from this man's approach to discipline are eminently laudable in an adult M/m Spanking context. In a way, he just misunderstands what whoopins like this are truly for. These are for the adults in his life.  Come to think of it, I have an idea, maybe he and his buddy Mike should try this with each other. It'll be both legal and appropriate!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Anthony Goicolea: a Truly Original adult boy

Pack Mentality: Anthony's Lord of the Flies
I cannot recall quite when it was that I saw the first image of the NY-based art photographer Anthony Goicolea. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, his work is Lord of the Flies-gruesome; fetish ASB (adult schoolboy) authentic; mixed with just a dash of the adult stuck idling in his Freudian childhood.

Wikipedia says, "Some of his work features photographs of 'pre- to barely pubescent boys' in elaborately staged tableau settings, commonly showing multiple boys wearing traditional private school uniforms either engaged in school-life or recreation after school—but with often transgressive and erotic twists in their activities.

Boys are sooooo Gross
"Of great interest in these compositions is the fact that Goicolea himself portrays all of the boys in his photographs through the astute use of costumes, wigs, makeup, and post-production editing using Adobe Photoshop; 'always looking uncannily like a boy on the edge of puberty.'Therefore, despite having numerous figures in them, Goicolea's photographs are actually very complex large-scale self-portraits, and are always done in a flawlessly realist manner."

Sleeping With
Anthony's Imaginary Self

His ability to produce images that are both unique and compelling by transmogrifying himself into complex, completely identifiable images from any boy's childhood compels. Goicolea's fictive dioramas seem to me like very real worlds where the depicted boy lives in an aggressive, antagonistic environment. This boy appears to have lived (at least mentally) in a world of other boys who tormented or tried to torment "the other." The most striking element of his work for me is how he appears to fully embody and understand the adult boy, fully realized, both recalling his own experience as a child, and making the viewer's experience "pervy" or even kind of "filthy."

If Daddy Sees you Doing That,
You are Gonna get in so Much Trouble.

The whole point of his work seems to be to showcase that when one boy holds down another and spits in the other boy's face: that is pervy and that is the life of the average white"'tween!"

"...I See France
I See Someone's Underpants!"

Theinherent bad behavior of boys that we see in Lord of the Flies (see black and white image above), is not unique to some book from the 20th century. But as Hannah Arendt might point out, the hidden reality is that even at this tender age realized by Goicolea, we all have "evil" inside of us. It's the ability to express that evil through art that makes artists like Goicolea indispensable. The subtext for me is that when adults abrogate the social contract—that is to say, allow kids do these vile things—that's when it all devolves into the art you see here. 'tweens devolve into hoodlums, and boys like Anthony's little monsters get to hold the reins.

Thanks to Goicolea, we have a fully-realized artist who can express through wasn't it Sondheim who said in "Sunday in the Park With George"—"Design. Impact. Order." For me, I find his dystopian message whispering to me the horror of boys and their bad behavior, and I can just feel how much he wants to live in a world where the evil boys do is actually brought under control.

No one with a healthy psyche viewing his work would look at these images and think: that's right. No. No. His images are all wrong—brilliant, but wrong. And that's what conveys to the viewer that we all need to be better adults. (Or find a Daddy who can help us be better boys!)

Below is a lot more on Gociolea, from an exhibit at Kentucky's 21C Hotel (which, by the way, if you've ever been stuck in Louisville, you really must stay at this hotel!):

Born in 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia, Anthony Goicolea is a first-generation Cuban American artist now living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Employing a variety of media, Goicolea explores themes ranging from personal history and identity, to cultural tradition and heritage, to alienation and displacement. His diverse oeuvre encompasses digitally manipulated self-portraits, landscapes, and narrative tableaux executed in a variety of media, including black-and-white and color photography, sculpture and video installations, and multi-layered drawings on Mylar.
You Guys, Stop it! When Teacher Sees This, You'll all Have
Your Bottoms Beaten, you Know That, Right?!
#ASB: Schoolboys Gone Wrong

Best known for his powerful, and often unsettling, staged photographic and video works, Goicolea made his artistic debut in the late 1990s with a series of provocative multiple self-portrait images.

These early works featured groups of young boys on the threshold of adolescence, acting out childhood fantasies and bizarre rituals of revelry and social taboo in highly staged domestic or institutional settings or dense, fairy-tale forests. Revealing a playful self-consciousness, they often consisted of complex composites of the artist himself, in all manner of poses and guises.

Soon thereafter, Goicolea garnered international attention with his ambiguous yet strangely compelling landscapes, ranging from dream-like woodland environments to vast, unforgiving urban and industrial wastelands. 

In subsequent series, many of the images are devoid of human figures, although the landscape reflects an anonymous and increasingly tenuous human presence. In these works, primitive lean-tos and crudely constructed shanties coexist in an uneasy union with the technological vestiges of an industrialized society.

"The artist has created several series of digitally composited topographies, often populated by bands of masked and uniformed schoolboys." 

Suggesting a world on the brink of obsolescence, these chilling images further cement the pervasive undercurrent of human alienation—from one another as well as the natural environment—that can be traced throughout the artist’s work.
Gociolea Conveys Being a boy Through his art
in a way no one else can.

Goicolea’s family immigrated to the United States in 1961, fleeing Cuba soon after Castro came to power. In a recent series of works, the artist trained his unflinching eye on his own personal history in mixed-media works exploring his roots and family heritage. 

These poignant, sometimes cinematic, images and installations are characterized by a fervent search for ancestral and social connections to a mythical homeland, Cuba—at once revealing nostalgia for a past that the artist never actually experienced, as well as a pronounced sense of cultural dislocation and estrangement.

Why Boys Need Swim Coaches
Leave Them to Their Own Devices & Just Look What Happens.

Goicolea has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions at venues throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Goicolea’s work is held in many public collections, including those of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York; as well as the Yale University Art Collection, New Haven, Connecticut; the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh; and Telfair Museums. The artist, who grew up in the metropolitan Atlanta area, holds a B.A. in art history and a B.F.A. in drawing and painting, both earned at the University of Georgia, Athens. He received an M.F.A. in sculpture, with a minor in photography, from Pratt Institute of Art, New York, in 1996.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

YouTube and It's Value to My Readers

Yay for Youtube:

How to Paddle an adultboy Soundly

And now a Word from the Paddling World of England...

Not known as the paddling capitol of the world, England does provide some helpful advice today from the pen of Sir Hugh who runs the Bognor Regis Caning Company. He's obviously an aficionado of caning, and we have had the chance to more deeply explore in greater detail the best way to cane Adult Schoolboys during Adult Schoolboy Caning appreciation week back on the first week of April.

Now, I'd like to bring you his history of the paddle and its proper usage—because if nothing else, the English understand "proper." This post below comes from our friends in Bognor Regis, and while I don't normally take paddling advice from caners, this chap does know his stuff. I hope you find it illuminating on your search to become the best Spanking Daddy in the world.

If you like this blogpost, you can find out more reading these posts:

Longer and Wider Paddles Were Designed for
“Official” Punishment Spankings in Schools.
Spanking paddles evolved from the use of a flat-backed hairbrush used to save a punisher’s hand from ache when  Spanking their offspring in the “over the knee” position. The back of the brush, being either flat or slightly convex extends the length of the arm thus increasing the speed of the impact on the backside without the discomfort to the palm of the hand. The solid area of the wooden brush/paddle cover more area than a hand does and isn’t flexible so all the energy is passed to the impact area.
From this, and for modesty and impartiality, longer and wider paddles were designed for “official” Punishment Spankings in schools. As there should be no physical contact between child and teacher the “paddle” was ideal. It was long and flat and stung even through trousers. As the blade covers a fairly large area the pain from a “paddling” was imparted to the recipient’s backside over a greater area quickly.
A six whack paddling was and is very painful. Some people were paddled over their underpants (for males). This wasn’t official but was continued for serious offences, as was the cane in the UK.
Some Boys Were Paddled Over Their Underpants 
What actually happens when a flat blade paddle make hard contact with the buttocks is that the blood is rapidly pushed away from the nerve ends which also get mild damage. When the force of the impact is removed the blood tends to rush back from whence it came causing the blood to heat up through friction as it rushes through the capillaries and when it reaches the damaged nerve endings the pain starts to bite and a deep throbbing sting starts to evolve around the paddled region.
A second whack escalates the situation and eventually bruising will occur around the edges of the impact area and due to the friction from the impact and the rush of heated blood there is a distinct possibility that blisters may result over the damages area.
Realizing this result could be problematic, paddlers conceived that holes in the paddle will remove any cushioning effect trapped air might have and speed up the impact force. It was then discovered that apart from the air cushion being removed, the holes, when used on bare skin, accentuated the impact area by stretching the skin and compressing the flesh and displacing the blood faster. The heat generated by the impact emphasised the production of blisters where the holes met the skin.

With the subject lying over the knees or in a similar position bring the paddle down vertically on the upturned backside as one would for a handspanking. 

Do not swing or swipe across the skin as this motion will defeat the object of pushing the blood away from the surface and can cause friction burns.
With a subject bending over a table, chair, or simply touching their toes or knees, the backside is stretched more and the paddle should be aimed central to the buttocks and as horizontal as possible.
Try not to angle the paddle as the force of an edge hitting first could induce extreme stress in the material and, if wood, may cause any weakness to develop into splits especially with wooden paddles with holes. 

Aim to Strike the bottom Flatly 

With any form of twisting, wood will split, and, although all possible care is taken in the choice of wood, it is inevitable that some damage will occur especially around the weakened area where the holes are bored through the paddle blade.

All punishment paddles should have smooth rounded edges so as not to cause the edges cutting the skin. All holes should have slightly relieved edges for the same reason although having said that they should not be as smooth as the outer edges because we obviously want to promote the formation of extra pain and blistering.
Always extend the arm when aiming and place the tip of the paddle on the middle of the far buttock cheek.

When applying the body moves forward and the paddle will hit the correct spot!


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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hotel Spankings & all That Racket!

Getting the Most out of Your Hotel Points:
SPG Properties are Great for Spankings
Hotel Spankings are a complex, sometimes very necessary Disciplinary Action that Daddys may find themselves taking to keep their boys behaved, happy, and ultimately in sync with a Domestic Discipline weekend away from home. When you are travelling, the last thing you may want to do is have to spank your boys at the hotel. There's the:
  • The noise
  • The crying
  • The tears
  • The Timeouts
  • Having to find a Spanking implement in a hotel room! 
It can all be a lotta work.

You probably just want to soak in the sites: The Empire State Building! the Tower of London! Arc d'Triumph! The Ganges! The Great Wall!

But as most of you Daddys out there may already know... 
"...sometimes a Daddy's gotta do, what a Daddy's gotta do."
But even tourists may want to take a break from their travels for a little Daddy/son time.

Thanks Rodney Gene for the Pic!
Your Little boy Underpants & Socks Rock!
Granted, the noise issue makes Daddys and their adult boys alike flinch(!) I've been thinking there must be a happy medium somewhere, somehow. I was in the W Hotel in Times Square and my neighbors were so busy plugging her hole(s), that I was truly grateful I'd thought to bring my earplugs. 

I mean, g'bless, really. But what about us!? What about Daddys and their adult boys? 

How can we use hotel rooms to deliver satisfying, valuable lessons?

My online buddy John has some thoughts on the matter. He wrote ages ago on his blog about him and his Sir's time living in Europe that the phone cord doubled as a handy-dandy Spanking Tool, since otherwise the small European room didn't afford anything much louder. It's a good story, in the blogpost, Badgroveboy's Sir said:

Benjamin Dover in Hotel Room Cornertime
London, England
So as the title suggests, this is Sir. I have come on the blog to write down the rules that will take place while we are in Europe. Since we are not at home, it’s easy for my boy to lose sight of his responsibilities and I am here to make sure that he stays on track.

Since sound is an issue, I have to use a phone chord when spanking boy, otherwise I would give him a good thrashing with a belt or swats with a paddle.


A couple of years back, I was in a hotel in Chicago with Mister Ray, my Camp buddies Gray and Miles and my bottom was beaten with a cane. In order to contain the experience, Gray turned on the television, found Nickolodeon, and blasted a Spongebob Squarepants T.V. movie.

I suppose the rump roasting made complete sense in this environment, like as if I'd been watching Spongebob, was acting up, and Daddy took me across his knee to get me to behave. I know that later when we ran into Gray and Miles at the Hancock Tower, they couldn't stop talking about how the television helped set the little boy bottom beating mood.

My Well-Caned Bottom & The Corner
I Stood in, at the Westin, Reston, Va.

In July, Mister Ron from Chicago and I were in San Francisco after Camp Red Tails, and we were heading out to dinner. Before we dashed out the door, Mister Ron took his trusty paddle and applied it soundly to my very red, very sore, very nervous little tushie. As he applied a fierce Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking to my paddled bottom, he warned me that my behavior at dinner had better be good or there'd be more when we got back.

Well, I didn't behave well at dinner. This should be little surprise.

However, the time Mister Ron took to paddle my bottom was not only remembered, but appreciated well past dinner. 

Heck, I'm remembering it well enough to tell you about it now!

Oh! Urgh! And the punishing Cornertime with the curtains open and the busy street below in the dinner hour looking in as I was disciplined!  Man, that was the worst. But then, that's why hotel Spankings can be so effective.
South San Francisco, a Paddling in Front of the Entire City
When I got home from my travels, I conducted a little crowdsourcing about how to contain the noise caused when Daddy spanks his adult boy at hotels or when you are away from home. Here are some of the better responses: 

Jay Allen
I have had a few sessions in Hotels, first it should be made clear that over acting high level noise is not acceptable, but I also always put the television on moderate volume.

And sometimes if it's a Good Sound Punishment Spanking, I put the chair in the bathroom. Yes, bathrooms do echo sound, but within the bathroom, only. So, if the TV is on and maybe for the most vigorous portion you can even run the shower, nicer hotels are pretty sound-protected for general to moderate noise!

Rodney Gene Simmering
…I do work at a hotel, and if a guest next door hears it and there is too much noise they could complain. And I have had guest complain to me about nice from other room. Not spanking noise yet. LOL And we have had to comp a guest room before when they complain.

However, I have been spanked in a hotel a few times, and always wondered if people could hear what was going on. I'm going back to see Doc Oct next month and that is the probability we are going to [administer a Spanking] at the Hotel.

Bob Dahl
Yep; I live in an apt. building, and I have had to learn to get over how the neighbors might feel about the noise. I've had the same neighbors for years, and no one has ever lodged a complaint, and they are all polite & friendly to me. I rarely spank or get spanked at home these days, and when I do, I still get self-conscious about the noise.

@JakeTeneby, I was giving someone a spanking in my apartment the other day, and I was worried about the noise too....

But as complicated as all that racket muffling can be, don't waste another vacation!

Plan ahead!

And think about how you can best interject effective Corporal—and not-so-Corporal Punishment using the hotel soap—into your next stay away from home!

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