Friday, April 18, 2014

Appropriate Boy Clothing for Spankings

I was online with some Daddys the other night and we began to discuss what makes the difference between a Daddy and a boy. What triggers are there that help two grown men make a Daddy/boy distinction in real time, during a spanking so that the experience becomes truly exceptional?
  • What does the Daddy’s experience feel like when he pulls his boy's pants down and sees grown man underpants?
  • Do Daddys care? 
  • Doesn't the role of the boy kinda become a problem, if he's wearing boxers or more grown up underpants?
  • What is your viewpoint on how to make your boys BOYS, not men when they are spanked by you?
Some Daddys See Something Special When They
See an adult boy in his White Briefs
Daddy Stephen chimed in with the most comprehensive response, one that I found supremely helpful. It also summed up my opinion greatly...there was a time not that long ago when all boys and men had a really limited selection of underpants to choose from, and the boys wore white briefs and the grown ups wore whatever they wanted. But ultimately, if you were a boy, you were wearing white briefs. And you were spanked in 'em. Find out more...

57 years old, 6'3", 185, Slim, Straight, White

About Me:         Old school domestic discipline as it should still be practiced in families and schools.
Looking For:     Guys who appreciate the benefits of a red hot spanking/whipping
Comments:        tight faded jeans and white briefs a bonus
Action:               Dom
Experience:       Experienced
Pain Level:        Stinging
Implements:      Paddle, Belt
Daddy doesn't want to see boxers when
he orders his boy to strip for spanking.
Jake, to answer your questions about how "Dads" view what a "boy" is wearing in the way of underpants, I agree with what I think is your own opinion based on your questions and your pics on STH.....A Dad does not want to see "boxers" when he orders his "boy" to strip for a spanking. 

Most "Dads", or any authority figure, administering a form of corporal punishment, came to that position through experience, mostly starting with getting spankings growing up. Few disciplinarians go from zero to earning the respect necessary from a lad who appreciates the time taken to teach a lesson the old fashioned way.  I believe that 95% of men who become "dads" understand the benefits of a red hot spanking via getting it themselves over the years from someone they came to respect, such as their own fathers, a teacher, a principal, a coach, or mentor. 

Disciplinarians around my age, 57, grew up in an era when young men did not wear boxers, or any of the variety of colored briefs available in many styles today. Boxers were 100% for much older men by in the 1960's, and before. When guys stripped in gym class it was to all tight white briefs. If you were on a team, it may be a wide waist band jock strap, but most did not wear jocks outside the athletic scene.

When a friend told you he "got it" last night from his dad you imagined his pulling down his jeans and bending over something, his father's lap or his bed, in his tight briefs for a spanking/whipping, finally having to take the briefs down for the final licks. That friend got a spanking just like you got it, and so did 99% of the boys before it became politically incorrect, leading to major issues in today's society. Yes Jake, it does make a difference to a "dad" as to how his "boy" is dressed as baggy boxers have no place between a "boy" and his disciplinarian. Boxers don't highlight the focus for "dad" giving, and "boy" getting, which is the entire purpose of a spanking. 

Even colored tight briefs don't invite the kind of "role play" that fits with the most effective punishment experience as "dads" in their 50's or 60"s most likely saw or wore a style of briefs that varied little between the brands when they were teens or in collage. It is starting to be different for disciplinarians in their 30's or 40's as they have grown up seeing or wearing varied style briefs, or boxer briefs, in colors besides white. Someone in that category may whish to comment.     

If a figure of authority is going to strip down to preserve his own clothes from wrinkles or because he gets too hot working hard to discipline an especially bad boy a jockstrap is usually the best visual as it goes back to the coach and physical workouts that may have been part of pain before gain.
To answer another of your questions Jake, I think that most guys who relate to spanking in their adult life, getting it or giving it, also experience some form of eroticism during or after. Certainly what is "worn" fits into each guys head differently. A guy in tight white briefs is part of the entire picture for me, and I believe most, just due to the postings and videos on the internet.  

There is a reason Tom Cruise didn't wear boxers in "Risky Business." 


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mainstream boys and the Spankings They Seek out

Mainstream Guys who Want Spankings, Let's Discuss
Today, I'm devoting today's blogpost to an interesting communication from two of my more regular readers from a couple of months ago. (These readers were back-and-forth-ing on Facebook, and I've merely cut and pasted their remarks below.)

It's an interesting mystery for many why straight guys would want to be involved with spanking other men. Today's blogpost will provide a little insight for those who just aren't sure why they keep running into straight Adult boys who love to be spanked by Daddys Who Spank:

Alan Schmidt
As I look at posts from over 200 people I can Clearly C there are three sorts in this topic.
  1. Guys like me see "Spanking" as Discipline and Punishment and accept that even though we hate it, we need it and accept it as such. Sex is not part of this at all....(even though YES most of are hard when it starts.....Lords knows I am not when it ends!
  2. Then there are guys who want to serve, (S&M), and not just their bottoms get smacked but really any sort of pain. They want to be "serving the master," if you will. Rough sex is a part of this most of the time as well.
Wayne Palma
Count me as a number onealthough I would say that in even the cases of number 1's, even though spanking is essentially punishment and stems from the experience of spanking as punishment, the fetishistic nature of the interest imbues a sensual/erotic/
emotional feeling, even though it is not, overtly or essentially, sexual. Although there is no right or wrong, mixing the types can create unwanted problems.

Alan Schmidt 
Well, Mr Palma, I use to say it was NOT at all sexual for me, and then a Dad pointed out to me that I don't go to website about drag queens or feet or, OK, there is some sexual something going on. It just when I look at men, I don't wonder if they have a big penis, if they are cover material of a magazine, care if they have nice eyes, etc., etc. I look at them and wonder if they are strict, would they make me toe the line, and punish me when needed without a fear of hurting me ('cause they are going to hurt me....). Sometimes I even get excited wondering if I would resent them or dislike them at times, but all under the blanket of doing what is best for me...

Wayne Palma
Alan, I think that is the essential nature of the fetish.

It is directed toward Spanking and the rituals that surround it, not gender or genitals. For me gender is inconsequential, although my specific interest is related more to male/male pairing in spanking, not because of my sexual orientation but because it was my experience as a boy. I am straight and enjoy all gender pairing when it comes to adult Spanking play but have a preference that is related to my personal experiences.

I know a lot of straight men who feel the same as Isome openly, some not at all. I used to find it amusing the number of men I knew who would only assume the dominant role in a M/F spanking relationship in any sort of open situation, but who would seek out other men to spank them "on the down low."

I think it is unfortunate that in the Spanking community there is often that old fear of gay/straight and an emphasis on gender rather than simply enjoying a spankable bottom of either gender being turned a bright red by an able Spanker of either gender.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Light Up the Room!

Adapted from Confessions of a BoyToy 

Light up a room with playful 'Slap It' butt-shaped lamps

Red Bottoms Can Look Like This, or....
"Home decor has never been this…cheeky! London-based designer Joseph Begley wants you to “Slap It” with his latest creation: novelty lamps shaped after butt cheeks.

"A pinch, squeeze, spank, or slap of these silicone cheeks is all it takes for them to trigger the pressure sensors and turn on a bright colored glow. These squishy boy bottom-shaped light fixtures come available in 8 colors, including white, red, blue, cyan, magenta, green, yellow, and orange.
They can look like this!!!
….shouldn’t you purchase the RED one?

"With these “Slap It” lamps, Begley has turned a mundane, everyday task into a fun way to mix in a little bit of playful naughtiness into our daily routines."


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blame Hanes

Oh joy! So great to know that it's not just me. The good people who work at mens and boys' underpants companies have as much interest in underpants as I do. Finally, a commercial that focuses on those of us "high riders" who like to see everyone's i-c-u underpants waistbands.

Thanks to their company spokesman, world famous baller Michael Jordan, we will now have to suffer in a world that removes the tags from our underpants and instead prints directly on the inside of the seat of our britches!!! Now how this became a social problem I have no idea, however, I must object.

How could they!? I blame Hanes.

See video below for a more on this latest development.  I mean, sheeeeesh, I'd noticed this new laser jet printing into the neck of my t-shirts, but frankly, hadn't realized that they would actually do this to my briefs.

And lo! I purchase four XL size 18 boys briefs from Faded Glory and FOTL* at auction on ebay, and guess tags.

A generation of badboys will never know the glory of the underpants waistband tag.

*Fruit of the Loom

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Monday, April 7, 2014

What Cornertime Feels Like...and Even Kinda Looks Like!

Cornertime for Spencer, redux on video

68928-8807032Found a great little "artistic rendering" of Cornertime by Spencer45 on You probably already saw a great post from him in February. I hope you enjoyed his eye-opening Cornertime spanking. I loved how he talked about how the experience creates a special bond between Dad and boy.

Let me also start by thanking him for this great little video below; the thinking that went into this is superb video captures the words beautifully. The music, however, left something to be desired! At any rate, the presentations below relies on spanking audio, rather than video, and in spite of how we are all becoming addicted to video for everything from Vine on Twitter to YouTube to the next big Internet thing, this use of still images, text, and audio was a winner in my book.

Spencer appears to have a more or less full time Daddy, and I was particularly excited to see them commemorating Spencer's misbehavior together. Daddy made really effective use of a still camera, and Spencer put together a montage with audio that really makes a boy think about the behavior that makes Daddy have to spank you...

I know that a bunch of respondents on the site complained that they really wanted to see video of the actual spanking, but Spencer45 said, essentially, "we were busy with The Spanking and didn't have time for videotaping."

:-) good for you, I say! Stay in the moment. Video and pictures are for after The Spanking or should only be used sparingly during a spanking. 

Having said that, I do think commemorating your boy's spankings can be a really valuable way of reminding him about what Daddy has to do and why. Still, use video and photos judiciously, so you don't take away from the moment. Spankings require paying attention, and you don't want the distractions of technology during your spankings.

There's plenty of time for distractions when you're not over Daddy's knee. Like when you're in The Corner...

Spencer Finds Out What Cornertime Means


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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Paddler and his Adoring Schoolboys

As Adult schoolboy Spankings Week concludes, I bring you a terrific story about a high school class from the 1950s who so loved their schoolboy paddlings and the vice principal who delivered them, that they wrote an homage to him years later. How peculiar, I thought. But as we saw in last year's posts, there are boys who really appreciate the spankings and schoolboy paddlings they get. I cannot figure that one out, but so be it. Who am I to analyse their motivations?!

 In that spirit, I bring you the Vice Principal of EHHS.
A special thanks to reader Wayne whose Facebook post brought K.O. Vaughn into my world. Nice. Adult Schoolboy Paddlings aren't usually so glorified, but what utter joy the boys who put this page on the internet together to celebrate the paddlings they got from this school administrator.

There was a jocularity about paddling boys at schools in the 1960s that defies logic. You see this in movies like "Dazed and Confused" (about the 1970s, but you know what I mean). The way shop teachers had their students make paddles, so that those paddles could be used on the boys. It was quite something. I'm not sure, but that could be the genesis of this photo here.

K.O. Vaughn & The Paddle
From EHHS's 1963 Memory Board on Facebook
Posted by Gus at 2:15 AM

Someone wrote to ask why I had not yet done a piece on Kenneth O. Vaughn, the first EHHS Vice-Principal. I had a reason, but it was a little difficult to express because my thoughts of him involve a larger, more complex body of thought than just a few anecdotes and observations. The fact is, when I think of K.O. Vaughn, I’ve always recalled him as the “Enforcer.” He was the school’s disciplinarian, which in our time meant….THE PADDLE! And since corporal punishment in public schools has been a lively topic over the past decades I’ve thought it worth a rational treatment.

Mr. Vaughn was a skinny, relatively tall Ichabod Crane-type of guy; energetic, always jovial, neither quiet nor boisterous. He roamed the halls with a smile on his face, but behind that cheery smile many of us knew that he was really, “the enforcer.” As the enforcer, he was the academic teachers’ go-to-guy when they had a discipline problem with someone. In my recollection few, if any, academic teachers wielded a paddle themselves…Mr. Vaughn took care of that for them. You knew that behind that mousy or meek female or male teacher, lurked the possibility of a trip to Mr. Vaughn’s office and in short order, a stinging backside.

As the pictures accurately portray, Ken Vaughn never quite managed to find a suit that fit very well, so although he was a neat and clean sort, he always had a bit of a frumpy look to him…at least to my eyes. However, you can credit him for handling a job that appears to be currently employing 6 or 8 people to accomplish similar duties at a school that still has about the same number of students. To my knowledge his boss Roy Johnson, didn’t directly involve himself with discipline matters.
Is This Highschool Yearbook Celebrating Paddling? Yes, get the Message?

One of Mr. Vaughn’s regular tasks was to patrol the student parking lot to ensure that no one left campus without having a proper pass. Get caught without a pass…the PADDLE! He also patrolled the hallways during a school assembly in the auditorium to ensure no one ducked out of a remote doorway to go play pool, instead. Get caught ducking out…the PADDLE! And during lunch periods he would patrol the few local food joints to snare anyone away from school without a lunch pass. Get caught eating away from campus without a lunch pass…the PADDLE! You get the idea. I think he was also the de facto school truant officer which gave him more opportunities to swing the PADDLE!

Ken Vaughn coached the tennis team during the spring so, it was said that he had a good swing. He was an accomplished musician who had some kind of connection with the Carswell AFB band which visited the school to perform once or twice each year.

As it was at Meadowbrook Junior High, the male coaches at EHHS handled their own discipline matters, which were almost an ongoing event, especially in the PE classes. At the Junior High, the shop teachers were notorious enforcers, but at EH, I think they weren’t quite so active. To understand the inconspicuous role the PADDLE played in our public school matriculation, you would almost have had to have been there. In my own experience, it was a constant threat from the first day of the 7th grade until graduation 6-years later.

Of the coaches, only Ron McBee and Dub Graves were enthusiastic wielders of the PADDLE. Both of them were mostly employed as PE teachers, each of them having a full day of classes, so there was an ample supply of potential miscreants. The other coaches, George Mitcham and James Willingham would swing a paddle now and then, but neither of them were nearly as prolific as McBee and Graves. Mitcham looked after study halls each day and Willingham taught American History.

Members of the school athletic teams could be targets, but not very often and never for trivial reasons as could be the case in the PE classes. However, of the 6-licks I got over my 6-years in the risk zone, 3 of them came from Coach Willingham…and I was completely innocent! It was Phil Nixon’s fault and I never really forgave him.
While in the showers after football
practice one afternoon

While in the showers after football practice one afternoon, Phil thought it would be funny to throw a wet towel at Coach Willingham, and so he did. The towel, heavy with water, hit Willingham in the back of his head with a resounding splat and nearly knocked him over, ass over tea kettle. Willingham, an easy going sort, slowly turned around with a wide, exasperated grin on his face and asked who did it? None of the 8 or 10 guys in the shower replied, including Phil, the culprit. O.K., says Willingham…3 each. And Phil never said a word, nor did anyone else. It wasn’t so much that we wanted to protect Phil as it was a kind of adolescent camaraderie where we just wouldn’t give up a team mate. We did get a towel for cover, but it didn’t help any and for the record, Willingham didn’t swing very hard.

An 8th grade shop teacher delivered my first fiery tap…talking, as usual.And K.O. tapped me twice for some trivial offense reported by James Ledbetter, our resident EH Aggie. Can’t say I learned anything from those assaults, other than to be more careful about getting caught doing trivial stuff and that in my particular case, public officialdom was 50% flat wrong and only marginally right another 35% of the time. That 8th grade shop teacher nailed me fair and square.

After we left EH and during the tumult of the sixties that included the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s Rights movement, and Vietnam, the issue of school paddlings came to the fore of public discourse. It was only one of a number of anachronisms in our society. Our generation reasonably asked that if we were old enough to be called to war at age 18, why weren’t we old enough to have a beer in the local pub? Similarly and more pointedly, the same reasoning was applied to the voting age…we could be forced by the draft to go far away to kill and be killed, but we could not vote on those responsible for taking us into the war—both the voting age and the drinking age then was 21.

All those anachronisms were addressed and changed—if there is one substantial thing our generation contributed to improving conditions within our society, I would nominate that it was us who firmly pressed our elders and authorities with the question WHY? It was a reasonable question to which there was often no rational answer.

Men like K.O. Vaughn represented the last gasp of a dying institution … beating or threatening to beat our children into submission. I recognize that comment is a bit harsh and not really representative of the type of man K. O. Vaughn was. He and the others highlighted in this piece were all good-humored men, also fair and credible contributors to our secondary education. Smacking young fannies was an ancillary activity in their daily routines and probably of marginal effect in dispensing discipline. However, as the historian, Shelby Foote, liked to say (paraphrased), “there is nothing so conducive to maintaining a polite society than the threat of a punch in the nose.” Perhaps it’s the absence of the threat of a tap on the rear that has, in part, led to the sad state of affairs in our public schools today.

K.O. Vaughn retired in 1968 and his departure was appropriately marked with the dedication of that year's CLAN...

Either that same year, or the year before, Roy Johnson, Coaches George Mitcham, and James Willingham, also left EH. Coach Graves left in 1966 to work for a local Credit Union, where he stayed for 25-years. Many of the teachers we knew during our years there were also gone; after 1968 the school was substantially different than the one we knew. Many of us were starting our families, trying to hang on to those coveted II-S draft deferments, or for some of us, an all-expense paid trip to Southeast Asia was our award following receipt of a snail mail message from our local draft board.


cj said...
In March of my senior year, Coach Howerton asked me if I had gotten any "licks" during the year. I said no. He said he was giving me two. I asked him why, as I hadn't done anything. He said "Yes, you have, you just didn't get caught." So, he gave me two licks.

Gus said...
Louis (#80) mentioned on FBook that both McBee & Graves had nailed him, to which I responded….I could be persuaded that there was a kind of "Doomsday Book" kept that assured that no lad made it completely through those institutions without being tapped...otherwise how would one explain how such well-behaved young gentlemen as ourselves felt the flame?

Your experience with Howerton seems to lend some credibility to my “Doomsday Book” postulation. The illustrations with this piece were published in some of the old Handley yearbooks, also one of my father’s Dallas yearbooks, and tend to illustrate the casual acquiescence the PADDLE had attained in our schools. As a member of the recipient’s society I can attest that there was nothing humorous or good-natured about it, no matter how the event was justified. Nor, of course, was there anything lasting or particularly harmful about it, either. However, toying with it as did Howerton and some of the others was improper, in my opinion. Furthermore, Howerton’s “lesson” stood in direct violation of Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat.

But we were still too young and inexperienced to confidently confront situational authority...that would come later.

Gus said...
You should have seen how the educators responded to me when I returned to school after military service. I was paying my own way at this point and came to view both the instructors and administrators as "hired services." The Dean became very familiar with me as I made several trips to his office to "fire" one of my professors for inadequate performance, rather than suffer the bastard any longer than necessary.

It was clearly a first time experience for them, but one for which they never discovered a legitimate defense so, I usually got my way. The last half of my schooling was much more productive than the first half.

I used that same mind-set to help my eldest confront the University bureaucracy which resulted in a Summa Cum Laude, Beta Gamma Sigma grad who was well known to all professors and administrators within the College of Business.

Officious school people aggravated me at an early age.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Bognor Regis Cane Company's Schoolboy Caning Instructions

Great Canings: it's hit or Miss, Literally!
Most caning instructions are not usually particularly useful. Short of a live, in-person training session with Grey and Miles (friends from Ottawa who I met at Camp Red Tails) it's really hit or miss.


I believe strongly that there's a true art to giving your Adult schoolboys proper canings.

A girlfriend of mine came over the other night and described what for her seemed to be a genuinely exciting experience involved oral sex and canings simultaneously. This combo horrified me. I was at a complete loss. I explained to her, that this is a precise disciplinary technique used to cause wincing, memorable behavior change. It cannot be gleaned from a sexualized amalgam such as she was describing to me.

So, in my effort to provide my readers the best in proper spanking guides, I bring you Sir Hugh from the Bognor Cane Company's spanking instructions that came with my new cane that I purchased from over seas. I hope you find it super useful.

Sound, Effective Caning is a Precise Artform
Respect it as Such and Practice, Practice, Practice!

From Sir Hugh of Bognor: Mon, 11 Nov 2013

"If you aim like this photo then, when applying the cane with force, the cane will probably over-shoot the aiming point causing the tip to wrap around the thigh  -see above - and the centre of the cane to hit with less effect.This can also build up stress in the shaft which can then break.

"Another common problem is using a full length cane (30"–32”) too close to the person being caned. The full length cannot be aimed correctly so the force is transmitted to the cane centre causing wrap around and breakage and of course very little effect of pain and discomfort. 

"If you intend to use a cane for close application please consider our 24” “travel cane.” Don’t try to hold the cane at the centre point as the overhang will destroy your aim and will cause the cane to weave about, missing the actual target.  A cane that is too long will also affect your striking point so practice well and take notice.

Look at the picture on the left, and hold the cane for use like this.

Always extend the arm when aiming, and place the tip of the cane on the centre of the far buttock cheek.

Do not use the centre of the cane to hit the buttocks as it may break at the tip and the desired effect will be reduced."

Use and Care of Canes:   English

Please do not ever use bamboo garden cane for punishment purposes as it can, and will eventually, split and the edges are razor sharp—so much so that POW in WW2 used split bamboo for shaving. The razor sharp edges will cut and scar body tissue.

General description
Now that’s out of the way let’s get down to caring for your cane(s) but please remember unlike the Pyramids of Egypt canes do not last for ever. Our canes are made from Kooboo, a type of Rattan that has been stripped of the hard outer skin or bark.

All “cane” is a member of the GRASS family (lawn type not smoking type) and grows along the floor of jungles and forests. When harvested it is coiled and dried before being cut into manageable lengths. Some are skinned and the skin is used for tying bamboo together for furniture manufacture etc. and hobby raffia work.

Rattan looks similar to bamboo cane but is flexible and Kooboo is a variety of Rattan, as is that named Dragon, which is slightly heavier but similar in looks – beware Rattan and Dragon look similar on the outside to Bamboo. Bamboo has a single hollow core whereas the cane used for punishment implements is multi-cored in cross section and is similar to say, a telephone extension cable or a computer network cable

Kooboo Canes do not Need to be Soaked
Many people claim that canes should be soaked in water occasionally, but personally, I have found that this advice brings some discontent as in general the curved handle of “school” type canes will, to some extent, uncurl and straighten out which spoils the aesthetic look and will definitely upset the balance so my advice is don't do it. Remember, what is inside the cane will exit when swished unless sealed again–water and oil make a mess so if you mess with the product I cannot be held responsible.

Other schools of thought are to soak in Linseed oil to add weight and to make the shaft more bendable—as our canes are sealed—don’t.

Our canes are sanded and coated in a clear sanding sealer then sanded again when dry. Then they are given 3 coats of clear melamine lacquer making sure the ends are sealed to prevent excessive moisture entering to stop the straightening of curved handles.

Straight style canes are given the same treatment for health reasons as they can be wiped clean in case this is ever needed. Straight canes also have a rope whipped handles covered in rubberized shrink wrap cover that can also be wiped clean.

Curved handle canes should be hung by the curve—a wardrobe rail is ideal as is a convenient door knob. Straight canes should also be hung to prevent bending but lying flat is also Ok as is standing vertical. Some people tend to store their canes in tall vases but this can cause the canes to “kink” on the rim if unused for a long time.

As previously mentioned, some people advocate soaking canes in water about once a month but we don’t advise this as if done for too long it can cause the curved handle of crook style canes to uncurl – this can be avoided if a piece of string is tied between the crook end and the main shaft before soaking. Another disadvantage of soaking is that the lacquer coating may turn a milky white due to the moisture.  If you decide to soak your cane - after soaking leave the cane for at least 48 hours to dry evenly, preferably using some heating device to maintain the shape before resealing and putting to use.

If you are still determined to soak your canes then you should gently sand the tip until you can see the numerous internal “tubes” and place it in a container holding about 12” to 24” (300mm – 600mm) of water. Linseed oil can also be used and this will make the cane slightly heavier but can be messy.  Canes will not be changed or monies refunded if tampered with in any way. 

The Tendency is to Stand too Close to the Recipient and Too Much to the Rear

Using a cane 
(for the purpose it was designed for):

Although punishment canes are flexible some people like to show off and send fear into their subjects by bending their cane almost double however, this is not advisable as with most things that are constantly bent to extremes they break! So please do not be over enthusiastic when initiating a punishment or at other times too.

Obviously canes are bought to be used, some for gardening purposes and some for artistic decoration or furniture, but the ones we make and you are interested in are those for punishment purposes.

If one is a novice the tendency is to stand too close to the recipient and too much to the rear as well. This position causes the cane to land with the centre of the cane across the far bottom cheek that decreases the energy and causes little discomfort and the tip is likely to whip around the far cheek and hit the upper thigh area if not break due to stress. If the target is bare then all the pain and suffering is to the upper side thigh and NOT where required across the centre of both backside cheeks.
Stand Well Back Keeping the arm Straight and
Gripping The Cane Firmly

Most people tend to aim too high – take the aim to land 30mm above the centre line of the backside to 30 below the crease line between the backside and the upper legs. Of course you can cane the backs of the legs but it really does hurt.

To learn to get it correct, it is desirable to practice.  And one way is to get that garden lounger cushion and drape it over a dining room chair and beat the hell out of it first marking an area similar in size to that of the intended subject’s bottom!

My advice to novices is to make your subject get into position, that is initially, to bend over the back of a chair, desk or table, touch their toes or drape themselves over the back of a sofa or armchair. You should try to hold the cane with the handle (if straight style) firmly, or if a curved handle style, on the straight section opposite the end of the curved part

Proper Hand Grip
As can be seen from the photograph to your right, the ideal way to hold a curved handle cane is opposite the end of the curved handle. Some un-initiated persons tend to grasp the curve part which allows the cane to swivel, thus, all effort and energy is lost.

To aim correctly, it is desirable to stand well back keeping the arm straight and gripping the cane firmly.  Place the tip of the cane on the centre of the far buttock. The reason for this is that most people then to “reach” forward when placing extra force in their arm movement therefore the cane will tend to strike slightly further away from the aiming point and should land roughly where we want it to.

In contrast, if we stand too close and still reach forward when striking with the cane then the cane will whip around the buttock cheek and strike the far upper thigh—this may be desirable in some cases but in our situation it is something we don’t want to happen.

The far Buttock Will Always get More Punishment
Than the Near Buttock, Which can be Part of the Charm!
After we have gained proficiency in our aim we can then progress to trying a little trick to improve the effect the cane and paddles have on our intended subject(s), and one way is to develop a flick of the wrist at the very last moment before impact as the cane is travelling to its target making sure the cane lands parallel to the person’s bottom. 

This will speed up the movement and impart a little more energy to the last 12” of the shaft and, if you get it right, it should land central to both buttocks cheeks (horizontal) giving a sharp pain at the point of contact.

However, having said that, the far buttock will always get more punishment than the near one so I suggest that every third stroke is aimed and given on the nearest buttock if only to even it out across the whole backside and or legs as you wish. Be very careful that the cane strokes stay below the “hip” line (top of buttock cheeks) as it is possible that injury to the kidney region might occur.

For those who have read through Sir Hugh's work above, and think you want to learn more about the best canes and where to purchase them, just get in touch with me by clicking on my name below.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adult Schoolboy Spanked by Daddy

Last year's April 1st posts were a bit "hit" for our readers, and so I'm bringing back the memories, the fun, and the tears.

Joe from had the foresight to post this video which I have the opportunity to share with you all today.

In honor of Adult schoolboy Spankings Week, I bring you this terrific little video of a boy coming home after getting in trouble at school. Enjoy!


Since this went up, there had been a flurry of communications about it.

Joe has promised to get me connected to the Daddy in this video.

So far, no luck...Joe?! Any word?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gilbert Leal and

So excited to bring you this video from It was originally from a station in Texas called WFAA, but the story appears to be completely real. You can see this guy's site on the

Gilbert Leal's brilliant appraisal is that, "it's the threat of licks that's so effective." Gilbert Leal is a Dallas advertising and political consultant for Texas Media 3.

He tutors and substitute-teaches part time at DISD  For Leal, he says it's not about the paddlings themselves that creates good behavior:

"It’s not the paddling that is so effective, really. It’s the threat of paddling."

Just knowing that there is actual dreaded punishment for out-of-control actions may be enough to curb bad behavior.

A year ago, the Temple news was big water-cooler talk at the DISD school where I was tutoring. Every teacher I talked to said, “If only the paddle were back here in DISD…” I agreed. That’s when the idea was born.

I got the website up in a day. And I polled candidates of the upcoming school board races on the issue. I was also working as a political consultant for a candidate who put paddle reform on her platform.

Unfortunately, she lost the election, and the sentiment on the school board hasn’t moved much. But the fight for doing what’s best for kids is not over.

I may not be an expert in child psychology. There is only a BBA behind my name. But I know what worked when I was in school. And I know what’s not working now. Perhaps the comedian George Wallace said it best:
“When I was a kid, we didn’t have Ritalin; we had paddling.”

Texas should not ban corporal punishment in schools. It’s one of the few effective tools teachers have left.'"

For my money, Leal sounds like a man with no professional background or knowledge on the subject at all.

Self-appointed paddling professionals of actual children make me scratch my head. I think we can all agree: consensual Adult schoolboy paddlings are the only appropriate paddlings for boys of any stripe. Non-consensual paddlings are for parents and their own children.
From the Dallas Morning News


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Adult Schoolboy Spankings Week Begins!

Welcome to Adult Schoolboy Spankings Week
Exclusively at Cornertime Confidential!
Whatever Happened to 
Mr. A. Whackem???

It's Adult Schoolboy Spankings Week again here at Cornertime Confidential! As you hopefully enjoyed last year at this time, I brought you Schoolboy Spankings week. As you can imagine, it was a very popular feature here. This week, Cornertime Confidential brings you five posts including real life tales, an update on the call for an official Adult schoolboy boarding school, and what I hope is just the tip of the iceberg in the best in nonfiction schoolboy spankings.

(Oh a sidenote, I don't know if you've had time to experience the fun at AdultSchoolboybut it's definitely time for you to check in, create a profile, and reach out to your friends and neighbors. Be very careful which images of yourself you post. This is a serious site only for those who are keen on being or disciplining Adult schoolboys.)

There are so many of us who dream of being able to regularly visit an Adult "School for Spanks," that it's even appeared in print on last fall.

The cool dialogue naturally begun by naughty Alan went like this:

spankalanhard is online.

October 8, 2013 9:11 pm
I think a boarding school for wayward men needs to be opened across the world. Run by only the strictest men and the school would have the strictest rules and ole fashioned discipline.

In many parts of the US, we have that. It's called a college dormitory. Happy
spankalanhard is online.

well yes, but what about for us boys over College age?

I'm not sure about that one. After a few years of "encouraging" most of my guys are pretty well behaved by the time they graduate. Happy
Jake Teneby is online.

Please, please, please open this in the midAtlantic in the U.S.!!
Sawyer is online.

Different houses in different parts of the world to exchange students and teachers ;-)
spankalanhard is online.

I like jake as my roommate!
John G

I'm ready to sign up as a disciplinarian.
Join the effort to begin the first boarding school for Adult we have a wealthy patron ready to accommodate this group of naughty schoolboys? I think there are plenty of boys and Disciplinarians ready to pony up money to attend or provide instruction!

That reminds me...I received this marketing email back in the 1990s in a yahoo group I belonged to. 

I wonder...

Whatever Happened to Mr. Whackem…???

Behaviour Determines Fate

A Weekend Break You Will NOT Forget in a Hurry!

(Message 10 in Discussion)

Hello boys.

Courtesy of
Weekend Breaks for those with an interest in the school scene here at Bendwell Down School. The premises actually used to be an annexe to a Victorian boarding school (the actual school building is situated a little further down the lane). Accommodation is provided in a proper dormitory for up to 12 'pupils' and supper/breakfast is served in the dining room.

There is a classroom, and of course, my study! I am a true enthusiast with years of experience and therefore I recognise the desire for authenticity, ritual, and a genuine atmosphere, and I can assure you of all these elements.

Courtesy of
Discipline is firm but fair and will be enforced by use of hand, strap, slipper or cane. For serious breaches of the rules boys will be birched on their bare bottom during assembly, in front of all. Schoolwork will be done and lines and impositions given. There are usually two or three experienced, mature schoolmasters to look after you.

Come on, give yourselves that break you deserve (literally) in the safe and sane company of those who truly share your interests.

Bendwell Down is situated on the Cheshire-Shropshire border in a wonderfully historic setting. E-mail me for a prospectus and details of 'fees'. You could not spend a weekend away in an hotel for this price. I trust I will hear from you, and I urge you all to remember the school motto:

'Behaviour Determines Fate'

A very sore bottom awaits that do not heed this warning.

Mr. A. Whackem
Bendwell Down School

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