Monday, July 21, 2014

Brats and Dads


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Friday, July 18, 2014

Disciplinary Spankings and How to Administer Them Properly

The Difference Between Discipline Spankings and the Erotic

Thanks to YouthfulDominance’sTumblr, I have a great blogpost to bring to you today. I think this young buck has some great, clear ideas about spanking Adult boys, and this brief answer to one of his Tumblr fan’s questions really resonated with me.

I hope you find it as helpful as I did. Thanks, Youthfuldominance for the clarity today.

anonymous asked:
This might be a stupid question, but I've seen you mentioning both spankings for play and for punishment, and I was wondering about the difference. I get that they have a different purpose, it's the differences in how they are carried out I don't quite get/wonder about. Thanks for your time :)

youthfuldominance answered:
This is a great question. Just a little background, I like to classify these as punishment or discipline spanking versus erotic spanking. Your question is essentially, “where do you find the line between erotic and disciplinary spanking?” And quite frankly, it can be difficult for some, especially if the boy particularly likes to be spanked. Allow me to break it down like this:

The first elemental difference is attitude. The tone of my voice and my body language. What is it that I am trying to get across to the boy? With erotic spanking, it is usually much more light-hearted and fun. I usually have a stupid smile on my face and my hand does a lot more touching. I am more likely to run my finger along his boy hole, massage his balls, or even trace my finger tips along his back. It is generally more playful. Disciplinary spanking on the other hand presents a situation that requires a stern attitude. This means that I am communicating to the boy why he is about to spanked and what lesson I would hope he takes from it. It generally has the feeling that it is more serious situation.

In terms of carrying it out, you can notice differences in the process and endurance. When I am punishing a boy for his behavior, I may instruct him to count aloud or say “Thank you, Sir.!"

I also may pause longer between spanks for the boy to reflect. It simply does not have the playfulness that erotic spanking has. While this may be obvious, it is worth saying. A punishment spanking is likely to be much more intense, especially if the boy really disappointed me. Punishment spanking is meant to convey a lesson, so it should make sense that it is more intense.

On a separate note, I have been asked, “how do you punish a boy that likes spanking?” Again, I think this should be fairly obvious. One, if you keep up the spanking, the fun will eventually drift away. Two, you can change the implement. e.g. using a riding crop instead of your hand. You can also merge spanking with other punishments to be super-effective. For example, you can spank him and take away his access to your cock, or take away something he really wants (e.g. feet).

Finally, I will remind everyone. If you are going to punishment spank, aftercare is fucking important (see it is so important I had to include an expletive). You cannot just spank a boy and send him on his way. You need to let him know you still care. You need to talk him and make sure he knows why he got spanked. This is a common area where a boy needs cuddle time.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daddy Said I Could Go!

Camp Red Tails Begins Today for me

Paddled and Carpet Beaten, Ready to Camp!

As some of you know I've been in a full time Domestic Discipline relationship since April 16th. And I'm pretty darned excited about it (insert thirty bazillion exclamation points here). It's been quite a journey, really. I started the Cornertime Confidential blog in April 2012 in an effort to begin to put down on virtual "paper" my avid Spanking life, and it had been only in 2010 did I decide it was time to pursue a full-time discipline-based relationship.

So as I wrote the blog, I came to know and appreciate other boys and Daddys who were in Domestic Discipline arrangements. I was just desperately searching for one here where I live, and then my vanilla relationship took a serious turn in March, and I "came out" to my "Dom" (for a lack of a better word). He wasn't horrified, exactly, but it wasn't what he wanted or was familiar with. Well, over the past 4 months, we've been working out the kinks. And now here we are. 

My Pre-Camp Spanking By Daddy
But before I ever connected with my Daddy, I'd already bought and planned my summer Spanking trip to Camp Red Tails. So I had the daunting task of telling Daddy that I was going to go...without him. I didn't know how he'd take it. 

Many Spanking friends had told me that I was basically REQUIRED to tell him before I left. So I did. I was so nervous. But he said that since he had only been in vanilla relationships before, that camp wasn't something he could really provide me with. Camp was something I should do without him anyway.

In spite of all the discipline, he's a very understanding Daddy—well, understanding of my boy needs. So I really lucked out here. I know a lot of jealous Daddys wouldn't have allowed it.

But I've explained to him how badly I wanted to be a part of a Corporal Punishment Community here online, in the town at the spanking parties where I live, and at Vern's Camp Red Tails. I think it's super important whether we are meeting at STH, SouthSpanking,, or elsewhere, we seek out at every opportunity the chance to create community. A real, honest-to-goodness Spanking community for boys and the Daddys who Spank them is seriously important for us. We need to take command of it, so it doesn't just drift away and "disappear" while we submerge ourselves in the next vanilla relationship that promises the love we all crave, without the discipline we all need to either receive or deliver. (Or both receive and deliver—for you "switch" gents out there!)

Behave When Daddy Takes you to
So, I am not only grateful for Daddy and the time he takes to keep me in line, but also to keep me connected to the larger network of boys and Daddys who know me and/or might yet get to know me.

As a send off, Daddy paddled me soundly (and used the carpet beater! Oy the things these vanilla guys prefer! Sheesh!) to ensure I knew that I was his boy—in spite of knowing about all the other Daddys who might have to Spank me at camp (for misbehaving after lights out, for running on the pool deck, for running ahead when hiking when I'm not supposed to, and stuff like that).

The results are hard to miss (see pics attached to this post). Youch!

Thank you, Daddy, for giving me permission to go! 

P.S. This post is dedicated to you, Sir, once you decide you are ready to read my blog. I look forward to that day you have the nerve to read all this! I love you, Daddy.

And be sure to read on at CornertimeConfidential for daily posts from Camp Red Tails!
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Boys Need Spankings Too

Camp Red Tails Patron, badboydave Bottom up Proving
Big Boys need Spankings Too
I was in search of a future Daddy on FetLife earlier this year, and I ran across an interesting plea from a guy called Corvuswolf  from Pittsburgh who asked our male-to-male spanking group: “Why does it seem that no matter where I look or what I do that most Dads or Spankers ONLY want to talk to or meet skinny, thin spankees?” Sure, the obvious reason, thin, slight adults look more like spankable boys. But there were always plenty of bigger boys. Heck! That’s where Toughskins came up with the “huskie” size back in the day, right? I think Daddys who are more than willing to spank bigger boys are terrific. It bums me out that so many Daddys have a “look”-ist prejudice.

Having said that, in my pics, I don't have many pics of big boys being spanked. So, I'm sure there's something about my own make-up that makes me prefer images and videos of slimmer boys.

But thanks to the magic of the internet, I have a terrific video below that is one of my favorites! The Daddy says all the right things (except he uses the word "ass," not "bottom" or "rumpus" or "heiney" or...) and the boy is excellent! I hope you enjoy it.  


At any rate, all I could think as I read Corvuswolf's plea and the responses, and based on the big adult boys I know where I live, there's plenty of bigger boys who need sound Spankings too! So, just because I'm not big, doesn't mean that I cannot wish for the best for my BIG brothers. And shouldn't we all get the Spankings we deserve?

So...I asked my FB friends, “What do you think the reason is?”

John Hendrickson I love all types of ass to spank, I love to make them cry just like a little boy and accept their punishment and understand their punishment too. I love when they come in all cocky and leave a whimpering, shy little boy who now knows his place. I agree, size doesn't mean they don't need guidance and a stern hand

John Knox
I like to spank hunky/athletic jocks.

David Strong
Y’all say size doesnt matter, that’s good to say, but I have personal experience with talking to a Daddy, and once they found out that I was a bigger boy, they cut off all communication. And then they didn't want to have anything to do with me, because I wasn't a boy. Because I was big

Picanalga Utnazaid (from Argentina)
Just amazing...A naughty boy is a naughty boy. And naughty boys are never too old…for old fashioned spankings!.

Jay Allen
I must comment, I like guys with some meat, I don't find myself attracted to real heavy guys, but some of my favorite spank boys are short and stocky! I like thin guys, but I prefer a plump, round butt!

John Hendrickson
David Strong, their loss, I love seeing a big boy bent over with his pants around his ankles and tears streaming down his face knowing that no matter how big he is, he is still just a boy who needs strict guidance

Wayne Palma
I'm not much of a fan of skinny "boys," although any naughty "boy" who deserve a good, hard spanking, no matter the size or shape needs to go over a Daddy's lap for a thorough chastisement. For me though, I much rather smack a full, round, spankable bare bottom.

(A quick shout out to RobBham for this silly, humourous video capture from his blog. I wanted to keep things light for this blogpost, so...I'm adding in a little "Adult Swim" humour. Apologies to those easily offended.)

Max Penn
You have a very spankable ass, corvuswolf. I could whip your ass a lot longer than a skinny boy's ass, because it is better insulated from damage. There is such a variety of types and sub-types around; you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before one turns out to be your prince.

Daddy Spanks Tushies
For me it doesn't matter how big your bottom is. I've spanked big ones, medium ones, and very big ones. All of the naughty boys got what they needed! Keep looking, corvuswolf, there are a lot of spanker's out there who don't care how big your tush is. If you’re naughty or need stress relief they will spank it.

Alan Schmidt
I say if you’re really interested in the correction of bad male behavior it doesn't matter if he 20 or 80, 120 pounds or 455 pounds, or a guy who could dance in “Magic Mike” or one more suited for “The Full Monty” Such things matter don’t matter.  If you are looking for sex and spankings, then maybe you are looking for "your type" to be the guy getting spanked or spanking you.

So, I guess I ask you too, reader, click below in the comments section, sign in, and comment. I'm not the only one who'd love to know your thoughts. Let's create a Corporal Punishment community and include us all.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Camp Reading Assigned by Daddy Ray

Jamie Gets a Weekend Training in Safe Harbour
As Camp Red Tails continues, I bring you this really cool story about required reading during camp. Sometimes you aren't just allowed to play, sometimes you have to do your reading....

Safe Harbour* by Alice "Bertram Maxwell" LiddellA Book Review

So (former) Daddy Ray in Chicago and I are at Camp Red Tails today. He and I came up on Thursday, and before we left on our Spanking holiday with Daddy Brandon and all the other great boys and Daddys. 

Daddy texted me the other day and told me there was a short story/book "in my wheelhouse" I needed to download to my Kindle. I didn't know what to think, but I figured it'd be about adultboy spankings, this I knew. He wouldn't tell me, but assigned me reading anyways. Well, Daddy Ray is very thoughtful! I didn't know just how deeply it'd be in my wheelhouse! It turned out not to be a waste of my time. I downloaded it happily, and then read the subtitle, cringing. "Safe Harbour: a gay-Spanking Romance."

A Romance? Yick, I thought. Since when did an author called Bertram write romances? Romances are for girls. I'm a boy! I am not joking when I tell you just how "yick" romance novels are to me. But then there was something different about this short story/novella.

Age Regression: Our Protagonist is not to Bathe Himself
When he Stays at Daddy's House.
Caveat emptor: It is clearly written by a women for women, and the publisher has changed the gender of the lead character to sell the story to men who spank adultboys. One really obviously strange thing is how Jamie cries and sobs at the drop of a hat. I'm written here about just how hard it is for boys to cry and how boys crave this, but cannot find it. That's because for boys it's not about the pain, it's about the feeling. Many boys just get beat to heck and never cry. But females appear to literally cry and cry and cry regularly as you see Jamie is clearly simply a carbon copy of the girl in the original story. Urgh. That just doesn't ring true. If the publisher just cut the constant crying from Jamie, the reader could more easily get into the story.

And beyond that, at various points there is completely incongruous language used that isn't language Daddys and boys use:
  • "He looked darling in his ruffled socks."
  • "He raised his nightie and waited."
  • "Daddy thought Jamie looked darling."
  • "He put out patent leather shoes for Jamie to wear. They looked almost like girls shoes."

The Protagonist has Trouble in School and When he Gets to
Daddy's House, he Also has Trouble at Home.

I mean, "darling?" Really? What man who gets spanked by other men wants to be considered "darling?" Or called that?  It's just off-center. It's not a language barrier either. While I do get the sense the author is probably British, the story as a whole does work. However, it's just a lazy publisher unable to distinguish the M/m scene from their own that prevents this from being the hottest download in the M/m corporal punishment community this summer. 

It's a pity, because these little things jump off the page at you as you read. I mean, "a nightie?" I thought, maybe this woman is a lesbian and doesn't realize men don't wear nighties.

Ah well. I didn't let the obvious disappointments ruin my fast read through this short story. After 5 days riding back and forth from work, I had finished it. And I was thrilled by some of the very hot ideas in the book. Jamie's Daddy is a member of a subculture group called The Guardians:

The members were all men who had a special interest in the care and raising of what they called grown little boys. Most of the members interaction was through email and a website, but Daddy had told Jamie when they first met that sometimes other members came to visit.

Jamie it turns out is a college student who is not seeking a Daddy who can pay his way, but he's seeking a Daddy who can "bring him to heel" and "help him be a better boy." This means that he is age regressed to be his adultboy for weekends after classes are over each week.

Daddy and Jamie met online, as one does, and they seem to have quite the "pushing the boundaries" relationship. The lead up, the ulitimate goal of the book, is something you already know (you can guess, and you'd be right), but the age play and spankings, punishment enemas, shaving, and other humiliation play are all quite convincing.

I'll be honest, I cannot stomach the idea of this happening to a woman by a man. That seems completely inappropriate and probably abusive. But between to adult males, it's a great read. Thankfully, they don't screw things up by inserting "she" in the text by accident. But wow, this Bertram Maxwell sure does know how to write about discipline-based relationships, specifically domestic discipline.
I Don't Normally Include Pics Like This, but...
Safe Harbour, and You'll Find out the Relevance.
I'm in the middle of a Domestic Discipline relationship myself these days, and I can tell you, this isn't how it gets to play out for me because my Daddy is originally a vanilla "partner" of mine, not a Daddy born and bred. So like "How to Train Your Dragon" you have to believe that all dragons can be domesticated. And that takes some doing in the real world. In "Safe Harbour" it comes naturally from the initial online connection. There's also a few things that just don't apply in my life: Jamie is sexually excited by a relationship with an older man, 20 years his senior; Jamie is naive and misdirected and yet a medical student.

Also, there's a whole lotta inconsistencies in "Safe Harbour," but once you get into the story, his weekend discipline is terrific. Here's a few great examples from the text:

Roy sat down and pressed the side of Jamies head tenderly against his shoulder and wrapped his arms around him, helping him settle against him so his weight was off his burning backside. The air was cool against Jamies hot punished skin. 

"Lets be very clear, Jamie. If you give me any cause to punish you, any cause at all, right in front of my guest. And I will bare your bottom and do a thorough job of it, as I always do. Is that understood? Y-yes, Daddy, Jamie said, fighting back the uncomfortable feelings that had welled up in his chest. He always got hit with a mixture of fear, humiliation and arousal when Daddy said these kinds of things out loud.

A moment later Daddys belt buckle clanked as he opened it. Jamie nearly went faint at the sound of it. Then he heard the sound of the leather being pulled from Daddys trousers.

The way that this author captures sound, visuals, and
even the characters reactions to smells is so authentic.
I find in my own life that what really gets me charged up when my Daddy spanks me isn't that he is hitting me hard, or even using our favorite Spanking tool, but that he has both a psychological engagement with me and that there are verbal cues and visual cues that inform our situation without spelling everything out. The surprise of not knowing what is to come next is far more energizing than knowing, and this book captures that sense in spades. For me, until we get to the final announcement from Daddy to Jamie, each moment was a guilty pleasure, a fun surprise, and generally a really well-written Spanking exploration into Domestic Discipline.

I hope you consider downloading a copy, given my warnings at the top. At $5.98, it's not a huge outlay for something you can refer back to again and again. I would dare say the  idea of some of Daddy's punishments played out in real life couples would work very well.  It's a book of great ideas that you can use in your everyday lives.

*Excerpts from: Maxwell, Bertram.  Spanking Romance. 
This material may be protected by copyright.
Check out this book on the iBookstore.


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Friday, July 11, 2014

Camp Red Tails Begins!

Camp Red Tails Begins!
I've been blessed with the financial ability to attend Camp Red Tails many years now, and I've had the chance to learn so much from all the many, many Daddys and boys who come and enable me to be disciplined in front of the other kids. I cannot tell you how much it's meant to me to "figure myself out" at camp, and want to thank Vern specifically for creating this incredible and unique experience.  I also owe Copper a big thanks for being my mentor back in 2002 when I first came to camp. 

Love to all my boys (and my Daddys)! I will cover my experiences at camp this year in later posts or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr, so be sure to keep up with Cornertime Confidential there too.

As Camp Red Tails 2014 begins this year, I bring you a really wonderful blogpost by Tigger about his first trip to camp. 
badboydave Switched in the Redwoods
Daddy had to Pull the car Over Again.

A Reblog of Tigger's first trip to Camp Red Tails

by David Strong (from “A Tigger’s Journey”)

June 30, 2010
I remember going to camp as a child and couldn't wait for that time to come that I could go, year after year. Getting to see old friends and make new ones. All the fun things to do, go canoeing, playing with a bb-gun (mom and dad wouldn't let me have one), doing arts and crafts, swimming, and all the fun things that came with camp.

Now an all new exciting camp is waiting for me, I've been giddy and excited like when I was a child getting ready for camp. Ever since I committed myself to going, paying the money in payments, buying my airfare, deciding where to stay for the few days before camp, all the new things that  I've bought for my trip, new duffel bag, a new t-shirt, drop-seat Pjs, a new game system to travel with so that I have games, movies, music to keep my mind occupied, just in case there happens to be a long delay thanks to fog to get into San Fran. I also bought a new Tigger that will be coming with me (I know, I've been told that Tigger isn't going to be able to save me from a sore ass). If you can't tell I'm a huge fan of Tigger and will be bringing lots of Tigger related items.

But, why am I so excited about Camp Red Tails???? Why am I excited about pulling down my pants and having my ass blistered by another man, submit to his power and his authority. I guess it's just who I am, I tend to think of myself as being submissive!

CRT 2012 Switched by Daddy Jason
& Daddy Ron.
Will I finally have the chance to find a Sir/Dom/Master that is right for me? Or am I excited because I get to meet so many of the people that I've read about in blogs, on websites or in chat, finally having the chance to put a name with a face. Having the chance to do somethings that are Summer Campish? (It's my blog I can make up words if I want, :P) Such as swimming, hot-tubbing, streaking, causing mischief just to see if you can get away with it??? Having a little roleplaying fun, learning a new card game, a new dice game? Playing discipline dice with someone new???

I've watched the video more than a dozen times about what the camp is like, but seeing it in person is a completely different thing. Just like the first time that I ever visited San Francisco, not that long ago. Last September for Folsom Street Fair, have I heard tales? Of course I have. Have I seen pictures and videos of past years? Of course, but it never prepares you for the real thing. I can't wait to actually step foot on camp property.

I think it's all of the above for me, plus I get to have a couple of days roaming around the streets of San Francisco as a tourist before making the journey up to camp. I have a feeling that the person that I'm riding with to camp will be lots of fun to be around, I already know of a few stops that we will be making along the way to gear up for camp! Watch out everyone, here I come!

Read more about Tigger's experiences at camp here.


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Rubbing Your Fanny After Your Spanking

Yeah, Doesn't Work!
Truth be told, rubbing your fanny after your Spanking is a common occurrence and complete waste of a boy’s effort. It probably just goes to show ya how foolish boys are that they try rubbing, as if that’s gonna help alleviate the soreness from a sound spanking.

Maybe that’s why Proverbs said something like, “…foolishness is bound up in the heart of an adult boy, but the rod of correction drives it far from him.” But for those not so well versed in Proverbs—like our Muslim friends, Hindu, and Buddhist friends who read Cornertime Confidential regularly (Yes, I see your page views on my Google stats, all you guys in Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, and Thailand!)—you may still think to yourself, "What on earth possesses a boy to rub his bottom after his bottom gets a thrashing?"
"Get Your Hand off There, boy, or You'll git More"

First of all, all adult boys who get their bottoms whipped with any frequency will know that this is a complete fool’s errand. It provides no succor. And it will often get a boy in trouble with the Daddy who has just punished you.

How many times, how many times(!!!), have I been sent to The Corner and told to stand still and not touch my bottom or I’ll get more? How many times!? I ask you!

Sound familiar, boys?

So, yes, it’s an old trope by now. I have gotten to the point where I barely bother, unless I know I need more Spanking, and Daddy has accidentally finished punishing me too soon. So, wait, there's a great reason for a boy to rub his bottom: It’s a helpful way to let Daddy know you’re not done yet, so he might want to consider escalating things. (Honestly, communication is everything in Daddy/boy relationships, but if you can communicate without words by just rubbing your bottom when you’ve been told not to, you are doing yourself and Daddy a big favor, really).

But I just keep circling back to the practical side of rubbing my bottom to somehow alleviate the soreness my fanny has been afflicted with? Well, it just doesn’t work.
Nope, not Even a Shower can Help!

Having said all that, let me clarify that there is a time when rubbing a boy’s bottom does work well.

The key is in applying bottom rubbing during "Aftercare." Aftercare is the stage that Daddys can engage in after the Spanking is through, so he can calm his boy down and “bring him back into the fold.” After a Daddy sends his soundly spanked boy to The Corner; or his room (if you have such a room); or even just to sit barebottomed on a hard-wooden Spanking Chair for his Time-Out—and after the boy’s time to reflect on his Spanking and his behavior is properly completed—it's a good time for Daddy to rub his boy's bottom with a reparative lotion. I know, you’re thinking, “Rub his boy’s bottom with lotion?! Oh come on! That’s not something a Daddy would do!”

But wait, there’s a reason this works! Read on…
Aftercare: A Task Best Left for Daddy

As you may remember, I'm a big fan of applying Weleda’s"Skin Food" to a whipped boy’s bottom. How this element of the value of their product hasn’t been used in the product’s marketing, I’ll never know. Applying this, well, it’s really an  ointment, not a lotion, achieves several really valuable goals for both Daddy and his well-spanked boy:

(1) Effective "aftercare" bonds a boy to his Daddy: The boy feels that even though Daddy has just finished (sometimes) really brutalizing his rumpus, Daddy still cares greatly about his boy and his boy's feelings. In actual fact, Daddy may be doing this for reasons other than to make his boy feel good. After all, the last time the boy may have had lotion applied to his bottom was when he was in diapers. So, even though a Daddy may actually be humiliating the boy, that humiliation is also a part of the overall Daddy/boy experience, so it shouldn’t be discounted. As that happens for Daddy, the lotion will be doing double-duty—see (2) below

(2) Weleda's "Skin Food" repairs the seat of a boy's bottom quickly so he doesn't get a numb, desensitized bottom. Avoiding a numb bum matters for two reasons: first, because it enables any boy’s bottom to get back to normal, and second, it enables precocious boys to "play" longer over Daddys knee if they need to, and

(3) Rubbing the boy's bottom shows him Daddy is in charge of his bottom being sore or not sore. This relatively benign and seemingly irrelevant act can be an exceptional way to communicate just who is in charge and who is the boy who obeys his Daddy or Sir. Heck, the verbal Daddys out there can actually say so. They can outright tell their boy why their bottom is being rubbed with ointment, and why Daddy takes care to make sure his boy’s bottom stays fresh and ready for his next bottom beating. But for all Daddys, even the quiet ones, words aren’t even necessary if Daddy puts his boy in the right headspace.

Don’t underestimate the value of rubbing a boy’s fanny after a severe Spanking. The unspoken communication that can take place can positively holler at you!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rocketship Underpants

Thank you Bill Watterson for Calvin and Hobbes, but more specifically Calvin's love of his Rocketship Underpants. Happy Birthday, Mr. Watterson. His birthday is Saturday, July 5th.  And I don't post on Saturdays, usually,'s to the boys who mom's bought them underpants with prints on them.

My mommy obviously didn't love me.


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Friday, July 4, 2014

A July 4th Wedgie for Scott Bakula

Threats of a Fourth of July Spanking for "Butchie" Bakula!

I suppose it really takes a fan of Spankings to keep something locked away for now 22 years. Its genesis is the recollection I had the other day of the T.V. series "Quantum Leap."

Well, I didn't remember just ANY episode, I remember a very, very specific one where Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a 13-year-old boy, Butchie Rickett.

Thanks to a series of fairly deep fan sites on the Internet, there is a rich history on the web of everything about this, including screengrabs and the actual episode can be watched on HuluPlus. If you don't have an account, you can get an account for free, and watch this episode for absolutely free! It's full of typical American hokieness and corny, lame lines that fall flat. But if you are a time travel buff in film and television, you'll enjoy. At any rate, according to Al's Place online, ( the source for today's images) the details of the episode are:
Scott Bakula as Butchie

Leap Location: Family Vacation with the Rickett family, near Wyoming/Colorado border

Leap Date/Day of the Week: July 4, 1964/Saturday

Original Air Date/Day of the Week: January 4, 1991/Friday

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Butchie Rickett

But whereas Al lists other lines as the "best lines" and "best scenes" and a whole of the episode, the fact is that this episode had it all for a boy like me:

  • 1960s Hanes white briefs with the original vintage red/blue/red waistband,
  • A great Wedgie scene involving those same briefs, and plenty of time to get to see the high-ridin' outside the backside of Scott Bakula's little boy shorts (btw, excellent close up on our Hanes red-blue-red stripe briefs at minute 27:40)
  • Butchie's little cap, nearly exactly like the ones you used to get when you went to Disneyland's Peter Pan cap, where they'd embroider your little boy name on the top of the cap
  • And of course, the threat of a spanking for language not appropriate for a boy!

 I mean, poor Al at Al's Place, if only he knew! i mean really, the best line from the episode?

"You're only 13 years old, what do you know about women?

"I know about mom."

"...What the hell has gotten into you, Scout?"


Daddy's Station Wagon
"I mean, I just got your mother a color zenith and a full carat for her fifteenth anniversary this month! yeah, it's as big as your..."

"..but Dad, Alex is only 14 1/2.  She's not going to be 15 for..."

"I, I, I...meant...our 16th."

"Oh, mom was pregnant. She didn't go [to college] cuz she was..."

"Now, you just keep talkin' mister, and I'll put you over my knee."

"'re going to lose her if you don't start listening to what she needs."

"OK, I promise you I'll talk to her, if you beat me back to camp."

The double entendre of "beat you back to camp" was not lost on me.

OK, perhaps this is more about me than you guys. At any rate, the video can be watched above at where you can hear the threat of Scott Bakula's spanking as a strikingly Adult boy at minute 30:38.


To be fair to our friend Al at Al's Place, he does provide a helpful Adult boy attire guide from episode, suggesting that Al has a appreciation for the way the filmmakers make Dr. Beckett a real Adult boy through wardrobe:

Sam's outfits:
  • First (Leap-in)—A red & white striped polo shirt, dark purplish-red madras plaid shorts, a green ball cap with “Butchie” on it, orange socks, and white tennis shoes.
  • Second (Walking with Al at Camp Chipmunk)—The “Wild Willie's" yellow tee-shirt, orange plaid madras shorts, same orange socks, and white tennis shoes.
  • Third (The running scene with Hank)—'Wild Willie's' tee shirt, green short shorts, same socks, and tennis shoes.
  • Fourth (The night time/rescue scene)—Blue jeans with the cuffs rolled up, dark blue jacket with stripes on the sleeves, red & white large check shirt, white socks, and tennis shoes.
  • Last (with Hank & Emma at the pavilion)—Jeans, a button down shirt, a gray windbreaker, the green ball cap, and white tennis shoes.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Spanking History for adultboys: 1970s Spank Parties

Daddy W's Spanking Parties
(co-authored by Cornertime Confidential)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to introduce you to Martin and Keith, a long term Domestic Discipline couple from New York. Interestingly, their relationship formed from meeting at a Spanking party in the city. Today, we’re going to take you inside a 1970’s Spanking party as remembered by Briefspk! 

I hope you find it as illuminated as I did…

Daddy W’s 1970s Spanking Parties

Daddy W’s Spanking parties began in 1977. I forget precisely how I was introduced to Daddy W. Looking back on it, there used to be Spanking publications at the time. I recall one from Chicago and one from LA that published a monthly paper that you could take a classified ad in and that’s how I met people in New York. I had a P.O. Box, and we’d send each other letters to meet up. That’s probably how I met Daddy W. There was a network of us who got to know each other. He usually had Spanking parties on a Saturday night. He had the biggest apartment of anyone I have ever met in New York City. He was in real estate and was just a really wealthy guy.

Daddy W was a very straight-laced Republican-type. These parties were an outlet for him, I think, given his otherwise conservative lifestyle. I recall he had a warm, nice, inviting smile. It was a doorman building, and there was this sea of us 20-somethings going to his floor. The elevator man and doorman never said a word as you entered his apartment. It was a classic old-fashioned building, where you went up the elevator and it opened up into his apartment. He would shake your hand when you came inside the door.

It was like any cocktail party you’d go to but in the end, everyone would have a red bottom. Most of the time, there was about 3-7 guys there. I was once there when there were about 9 guys or more, and I only saw him alone just him and me twice in my life. Sometimes he’d have dinner for us ordered in. And we’d be sitting there in our briefs eating Chinese food! It was both exciting and yet very endearing at the same time.

The night always began with us standing there in our street clothes just chatting, drinking and laughing. It was great fun to reconnect in this safe space.

At some point, he would say, “I think it’s time for a ‘pre-tenderizing’ Spanking.” We would follow him back to his bedroom. He’d give each of us a light handSpanking first. He would have all the implements lined up on the dresser and there were usually 2 or 3 different hairbrushes, a razor strop, and a wooden paddle. What was great about his bedroom is that he had a mirrored wall. To this day, I love watching while others are being spanked. He had the chair in a place that made it possible to see everything from the boy’s vantage point, tipped over his knee.

Dressed In Your Spanking Pants
He was always in a business suit with a white shirt and tie. And he would spank us first.  He would sit down, you’d lower your pants, and he’d take time to position you just right. I would hold onto his leg since he wouldn’t let your feet touch the ground. He’d expose your bottom. And since everyone in the ‘70s, everyone wore tight white briefs, I wore nylon “Trophy” briefs made by Jockey. I would wear those most of the time, they would cup my butt, and he would say I was in my “Spanking briefs.”

Once I was in position, Daddy W would lift my shirt tail exposing my sports briefs. They were made of nylon & polyester and plumped a boy’s bottom up beautifully because of the stretch. They were gleaming white and shiny and made my bottom look as if I was wearing a coat of high gloss paint! I gifted a pair to most of my Spanking buddies. Since it was the 1970's, all adult boys wore briefs. Popular brands were Jockey LIFE lo-rise briefs, Eminence lo-rise, and classic Jockey shorts. Once in a while a Speedo would appear over Daddy W’s knee.
Ahhh, the '70s!
He would tease me by snapping my waistband, and he would spank me for about three to four minutes. He gave a really hard handspanking. Keith, the guy who eventually became my life partner, didn’t react much when he got spanked; he was really stoic. But I would react a lot, maybe that’s why I’m a Daddy, not a boy! In the end, I don’t love getting spanked. Certainly not any more.  I have a lower threshold for pain, I guess. I would kick my legs, and let Daddy W know I was feeling it. After three or four minutes, he’d let you rub your bottom, and then the next boy would get a Spanking. But during the other boy’s Spanking—during those three or four minutes–you had to be perfectly still, and not rub, or you’d get a further Spanking.

After all the boys had been spanked once, we would continue the cocktail party.

After awhile passed and we’d all check each other’s red bottoms, he’d line us up again. We’d come back into the bedroom one after the other, and he’d continue our Spankings.

“Are you ready to take your medicine?”
By this time, you’d be just in your briefs, just a bunch of us boys in our briefs. Some of these guys would get really, really red bottoms, and when the briefs came down, you could see just how soundly he’d have spanked each of us. Then he’d pull out The Hairbrush and say, “Are you ready to take your medicine, young man?”
Then he’d spank your lower bottom with your briefs on.  After two or three minutes of painful Hairbrush Spanking, he’d lower your briefs just below your bottom, and he’d really lay into your bottom.

I bruise very easily, so I think he went easier on me. I found that because I showed marks easier, that he was very aware of that. He would get you up off of his lap, put The Hairbrush down, and shake your hand like a gentleman.

“You took that like a good boy!” he’d say.

Once he got to know you, he’d hug you, but only after he’d known you for about a year or so. He would make you stay in the room, and you’d have to sit on the bed or on a chair to watch the next boy get his bare bottomed spanked.

You know, I don’t remember much crying, but there was one boy who did cry when he was spanked. That was insanely exciting for me.

The Line Up
The walk to the bedroom was really the walk of shame. And he accentuated that experience once a year or so when he’d do what we called The Line Up. He would say, “Alright boys, I want you to line up in the hallway.” Then one by one, he would call us in the bedroom by name.

We'd be standing in a line by the wall in the hallway, and you'd hear "Tony, come in here please."

Tony would march to the door, open it, then close it behind him. You'd hear quiet conversation—not really being able to hear what was said—then silence for about a minute, and then WHAP! (pause) Whap! (pause) Whap! After two minutes or so, you'd start to hear "Ouch! Please dad!" Whap! "No more please!"

After about 5 minutes, there’d be silence, and once again, the door would open. The freshly spanked boy would exit holding his jeans or trousers in his hand...usually very red faced....close the door and immediately begin to rub his backside.

Sometimes we'd drop our briefs in the hallway to show everybody there Daddys handy work.

There would be a few moments of further silence, and then you'd hear "Alright James, I'd like to see you, please."

Just hearing a Spanking and letting your imagination work for you was always an incredibly exciting time for us all. Knowing that I would be next, and my "brothers" would be imagining what was going on with me in there. You just knew you were going to be next, but then you weren’t called. Then after we were all handspanked, we’d all have to get our bare-bottomed Hairbrush Spankings. We never saw each other getting spanked, but we saw each other come out.
The Spanking parties in NYC these days are nothing like that anymore. They are in like an S&M club now or something, and so it would never works for me these days. There’s nothing personal or even domestic about it. Those parties are long gone now, but the memory of it remains as strong today as it did all those years ago.

After the original post went up, Tailblazer left a comment on the post and I felt we needed to add it to the story:

I attended a couple of these parties—and the memories of a New York upper East Side Spanking "soiree" are indelible. The first one I recall was a dress-for-dinner affair—jacket and tie, catered— like a classy party out of the New Yorker magazine. The catering company had two servers attending to our meal—white shirts, black ties, etc. I wondered at the time if either of those two young gents knew what kind of party this was about to become.
After dinner, I played the grand piano in the large living room (with a stunning view of Central Park) while some of the other boys sang and entertained us. It was all so deliciously bizarre and "proper." "W" concluded the "cabaret," and we lined up in the hallway outside the bedroom as the evening's main events commenced.
I remember thinking to myself "Only in New York"! 
Posted by Tailblazer


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