Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off

Flashback Fridays 

"3rd Rock From the Sun" & "Veronica Mars'

I had a surprising meeting today. A new Daddy told me about some scene with a character called Logan Echolls from a 1990s TV show called "Veronica Mars." There was a surprising (and badly edited with terrible music, btw) that linked me to the belt-selection scene where Veronica Mars' friend Logan is sent to his father's closet to select the belt that will be used to beat his behind with.

It was a well shot scene. But the selection on YouTube was kinda lousy, so....I'll keep searching until I find something more sharable.

From this wiki on the Internet I learned, "his relationship with his abusive father Aaron is largely hostile. Intimations of Aaron's abuse begin to emerge partway through Season One, when he punishes Logan for embarrassing him by whipping him with a belt...."

Harry Hamlin is the Dad, and the snippet of the scene I caught randomly was quite good. I wish I could have heard the dialogue though, and not "Luka." It was a little confusing.

According to Mark Watches, the episode was on "
Veronica Mars- Season One, Episode Six: "Return of the Kane" 

Original Air Date: November 2, 2004 
Directed by: Sarah Pia Anderson 
Written by: Rob Thomas, story; Phil Klemmer, teleplay

"Logan looks so cowed and small here. I'm not feeling much sympathy over him getting in shit over this particular incident because what he was doing to those homeless guys was horrible, but the way he's shrinking here, I'm gonna say there's some history with his dad here. And his dad isn't mad at him for doing something awful... but for embarrassing him and for how it looks. Guy clearly has some shit role models at home. 

"Huh. Looks like there's another layer to this Wanda business... 

"Duncan seems like a really good guy. He's just lost. 

"Logan's dad doesn't care in the slightest what he did. Just what he can do to fix the PR issue. I would have thought the moment where Logan donates half a million on his dad's behalf was just an "oh snap" moment of revenge, but he did it knowing what would happen. When the scene cuts to him selecting the belt that's going to be used to whip him, you know that he had made the choice in the last scene to take this punishment in exchange for standing up to his dad, even if only for a moment. And mom just sits there quietly drinking. No one is entirely what they seem on the surface in this town. "

Until I find the original clip, here's an exchange from "3rd Rock From the Sun" about spankings that made me chuckle. Hope you smile too. Used to love that show. 

Bug: My father? Very strict. It didn't matter that I was the youngest, when I would act up, he gave me his belt. 
Dick: You wore the same size? 
Bug: No, as punishment he would put me over his knee and give me a whooping. 
Dick: He gave a "whoopin" and a belt? 
BugWith a belt. 
Dick: And then he gave you the belt? 
Bug: Um... yeah.

— 3rd Rock From The Sun


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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's Back-to-School—Time for New Underpants!

Taming the Tiger: Littleboy-style Underpants for Grown-ups 

Have you Purchased Your Back-to-School  Briefs yet?
(Isn't my new backpack and Spiderman sheets cool?)
Cornertime Confidential received the query below from a regular reader, and the exchange was useful for those of us who love our memories of going back-to-school shopping and feeling the complete humiliation and dread when your mom dragged you through the underpants section of the department store and said, 

"Honey, now what size underpants do you need again, Tiger?"

[At a certain point, I remember being called Tiger or Alligator in public made me just cringe. I think it's safe to say I must have been over 10 years old at that point. But anyways...]

My 5- to 12- year-old inner child still remembers the time the girl down the street Terri ran into me waiting while my mom purchased my brand spanking new white new briefs. As I stood there waiting for my mom to take her own sweet time of it—horrified that she made me stand there so I didn't run off—Terri,a precocious girl, proceeded to wrestle me to the ground to yank on the waistband of my underpants to determine for herself if I wore—in her words—"bun huggers." 


The wedgie she yanked into me hurt bad enough, but my fragile little ego! Oh man.
I Strongly Encourage you to Purchase Tiger Yellow-dash,
their Rocketship-print, & their Tiger-print Briefs. 
Well, now I'm all grown up, and perhaps because of these indelible moments, I have since become a complete expert in the purchasing and slow perusing of the Underpants aisles in stores. This work is challenging when you really search and search in the boys or youth section for XXL boys briefs that you can wear, however. Oh! The sheer number of women who just stare at me as I try to find the right Underpants! They look at skinny me and must be thinking, "I wonder why his son needs XXL? He must be terribly fat!!"

So, where were we? At any rate, I thought I'd share a question raised by reader Tom. His inquiry opened up the need to review past blogposts and delve more deeply into this important topic: 

Where can a grown man go to purchase underpants that look 100% boyish but fit well for sizes 32 and larger? 

The Premium Double-seat Brief
Tom asked:
"I’m thinking about ordering Tiger brand briefs today. I think you said that there was one waistband color that seemed to fit best. Can't remember if it was yellow or black. Can you refresh my memory?

"BTW, also just ordered my Old Skool Briefs yesterday. Restocking my doubleseat drawers! How kewl is that???


Cornertime Confidential says:
Here's my take: everything with Tiger Underpants depends upon your body type. I am skinny, so some Tiger brand white briefs do not fit super well on me. However, the yellow dash double seat briefs are  the best ones of the vintage double seat variety that they carry. (I didn't know they had black-dash briefs, so, I cannot recommend or not.) 

When you fit yourself into a pair of Tiger briefs, it's like gettin' in the saddle. These are now made in the traditional foundation garment style, where you feel like you are literally ensconced in your briefs. There's nothing like the unique feeling of being in a pair of doubleseat underpants. The purpose, I think, it to make boys feel secure in case they have accidents, and as an adultboy, I have to say, there's something to that. You feel very conscious of feeling that you have a rock solid foundation holding you up when you slip them on in the morning.

For the uniqueness alone,  I strongly encourage you to make a purchase of their yellow-dash, their Rocketship print (100% cotton), and their Tiger print (50/50 poly cotton) briefs. (I avoid their original blue- and red- dash doubleseat briefs, because the doubleseat pants I received in the mail several years ago when I bought from their original production were oddly trimmed in the seat and the leg loops were too loose for me. It is possible they've fixed that situation, but I haven't yet heard back from the manufacturer on that).
Good Morning, DoubleSeat Bottom,
Time For School!
On the other hand, the blue single seat, regular briefs do fit just great. I wear those "on schooldays" all day long. They have a mid-rise brief now but the sizing didn't work for me. However, the snug bottom and firm fit in the legs for the Rocketship print and Tiger print Underpants was exceptional. They are both doubleseat, and they make you feel like a little boy with plenty of room in the front all day long!  That's important for big boys like me (well, I'm not big, but you get what I mean!)

At any rate, I cannot encourage you more! They are a premium product in the price department to be sure, but finding a really well-made brief that looks like you are a 10 year old boy is rare indeed. You are talking to a guy here who has 100s of pairs of Underpants and at least 50 or more are cartoon print or color/print briefs. I know what I'm talking about. In addition, I must have about 25 different types of doubleseat briefs. For my money, there are only two companies who are making them well right now: Tiger and Gunze. However, Gunze (out of Japan) are cut in a way that is slightly baggy and I find not flattering. Also, I cannot read Japanese, so clicking on the right pair that is definitely doubleseat is hard to do! But below you'll find the URL for both.

From the Archive: if you found this blogpost helpful, you might also like:

Gunze's YG Double-seat Briefs, size 34
As I mentioned above, Tiger briefs are generally quite a loose fit in the legloops and waist, and as a boy, I prefer my underpants more snug there, at least more bottom-fitting. I'm regularly a 32-34, but I need to purchase the youth/boys size 18-20 so I have no fit problems. If you do not have beefy legs, order the youth sizes. If you have beefy legs, order the men's sizes. I'd guess that if I ordered a men's 32-34, I'd be swimming in them! So, caveat emptor!

It's not super difficult to talk with or email with the owner of the company, so it may be worth communicating with him via his site's email/contact us link. He can tell you all the latest about his Thailand-manufactured Underpants and any form changes he's made to the original designs. My sense is that he's a fair player. Admittedly, the price is steep, but he is making such a niche product, I think he earns his price. Basically, it's expensive because he can sell them for that price, the price could be based on volume for all I know. As the customer, you'll probably never know the truth. However, I can tell you, there are few manufacturers of this premium, traditional type of boy's doubleseat Underpants made in men's sizes. I've only found these companies:
But I encourage you to give Tiger's owner a shout out before you purchase and ask his guidance, because I love love love owning and being Spanked soundly in his Underpants. I save up my pennies so I can buy myself briefs with little boy dashes around the waistband! I own nine different pairs of Tiger brand briefs now. So, for me, Tiger comes "recommended" with only the slightest reservations spelled out above.

Gunze is another doubleseat company I have in profusion. I own like 13 pair. But they are a little tough to wear if you have an "American" body. I find they are slightly awkward (read: uncomfortable) in the front and too full in the seat.They cover my entire bottom really fully, which makes them less-than-perfect for Spankings. My pair of Old Skool Briefs are super duper cool looking, but too loose in the leg loops and slightly too brief in the seat. I find that they work for Spankings, but not for everyday wear. And I've never tried Bell's almost exclusively, because I've never seen a pair and there do not appear to be images of the seat online, so I refuse to purchase those. Any Australian readers want to tell me about Bell's? Please chime in.

So happy back-to-school briefs shopping, everyone. 

And now, let's go out on a song from Spongebob about his Underpants:


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Friday, August 15, 2014

Why Cornertime Matters to Me

"From the time I was a little kid I fantasized
about being spanked bare-bottom"
Why Cornertime (Confidential) Matters 
by "Old-Fashioned" 
(written by Cornertime Confidential)

And now a special word of thanks to one of our readers, "Old Fashioned." Cornertime Confidential has been a labor of love, a source for getting the many, many-years-long diaries from my hard drive into The Cloud, and in the process, creating place to share ideas that, basically, I only used to share in chatrooms and yahoo groups before blogging, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook came along.

"I try to give the kinds of Spankings I wanted/
craved/needed. Scoldings, Cornertime..."
So it's with quite some excitement that I tell you about communications from readers that need to explore some of the "drivers" that get them hooked up to this blog. Below you'll find some feedback from "Old-Fashioned." His backgrounder will give you a sense of who he is and help to make his comments below a bit more meaningful.

52yo / 6'4" (193cm) / 220 / Muscular 
Action: Dom, Experienced 

Tall, good-looking, green eyes. Can role-play, but prefer to give REAL spankings as punishment for real behavior. No deep pain or bruising, but serious stinging for bad boys who need to be punished or motivated.

Looking for boys 18-45 who want to go over my knee for old-fashioned, bare-bottom Spankings with hand, The Hairbrush. If you need motivation, an attitude adjustment, encouragement, mentoring, focus. Then again, maybe you don't need a reason—just a Spanking. Not looking for sex.

This is About "Warming a boy's Bottom"
or "Spanking his Naughty Rumpus."


"If you check out my profile on STH, you'll get an idea why I love your blog. We love/fantasize/think about the same things; we are very much on the same page about Spankings—how, why, when. I love when that happens, because it surprises me how seldom it does: why, with all the "spankos" out there, are there so few of us who use "bare bottom" and other similar little-boy vocabulary?

"I don't know if I can describe this briefly, but Cornertime Confidential basically allows me to live vicariously a life that I fantasized about for so many years. From the time I was a little kid I fantasized about being spanked bare-bottom and over a man's knee. I was spanked, but except for one instance always by my mom, and bent over a chair or (later) the kitchen counter. Dad put me over his knee once. 

"I had no idea why I felt I needed to be spanked, or why I wanted that position—over the knee. Why words and phrases like "over my knee" and "bare bottom" made me hard. I felt so ashamed and dirty about it. No internet at the time, just the occasional scene on T.V. or in movies to flame my imagination. I'd sneak The Hairbrush or wooden spoon and spank myself to know what it felt like, drape myself over a chair to try to create the sensation of being over a knee.

Why...are there so few of us who use "bare bottom"
and other similar little-boy vocabulary?

"As I got older I found myself wanting to do the Spanking. And I try to give the kinds of Spankings I wanted/craved/needed. Scoldings, Cornertime, all the things you write about. 

"I have a loving husband of 22 years who just finds the whole thing ridiculous. He knows I read Spanking stories and chat on the Internet. But I wish I could enjoy some of the experiences you get to have in real life. 

Reading your blog comes close."


There were several things here that grab me—as you probably know if you read this blog with any frequency. I think it's supremely important to use language that establishes the Daddy/boy relationship. If you are talking about "ass" and "cock" you really aren't talking about adult boys. I think it's probably incredibly hot for many of my readers, but this is about "warming a boy's bottom" or "spanking his rumpus" for Cornertime Confidential.

While I'll concede there's definitely a significant place here for "tanning a boy's hide," and the entire teenage scenario scene, I still think scolding the adult teen and using Cornertime to humiliate are keys to the door that open this world up for the players inside.
I could enjoy some of the experiences you get to have in real life. 

Interesting to read the sheer honesty about his self-Spankings, and how as he got older, he found his orientation shifting to being the Daddy. I haven't had this transition, and I guess at some point when I begin "aging," I'll probably turn into a Daddy. But for now, I'm happily trapped in a boy's world. (In spite of caning a bunch of boys at Camp Red Tails this July!) And those Spankings, scoldings, and Cornertime I get on a regular basis now make being an adult boy a whole lotta fun.

In the end, though, you can see how challenging—just how very challenging—it is to be into Spanking and wanting this as a regular part of a full time relationship. 
  • How does one incorporate this into your vanilla relationships? 
  • If you are a straight Daddy, how do you explain your interest in Spanking adult boys? 
  • How do you explain to your boyfriend with whom you are in an "equal" partnership that you like spank other boys?
  • That you want him to spank you? 
  • How, how, how? 
It's a perennial challenge, and one I've not sorted out completely yet. I have been (as I think I've only mentioned to my readers on Facebook and turning my previous vanilla relationship into a Domestic Discipline relationship, topping from the bottom up. So far, so good. Daddy has asked that I train him and help him figure out his role in all this. It helps that we were already in a relationship where my role was the bottom and he is The Dom, but now he's also Daddy. That's a complicated wrinkle.

I hope to hear from you...what do you do to "normalize" your Spanking lives and make Spankings a regular part of your relationships?

 How are you Making Spankings
a Regular Part of Your Relationships?


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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Strict Daddy is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Age discrimination in the Spanking world....well, it's a thing. I believe there can be a very real age challenge that most older Daddys face. I'm always a little saddened when a 48 or 55 year old or older tell me that he is surprised that I'm glad he's that age! 

Sounds funny to many, but I prefer Daddys who appear to be actual Daddys. I have had enough young Daddys that I realize now that age is not the thing. That’s not a requirement any longer for me; however, there is something about Daddys who are older (over 50) that really help me feel like a little boy. 

Turns out…I’m not the only one. Read Alan's thoughts below:

A Strict Daddy is a Terrible Thing to Waste!
By Alan Schmidt 

I was asked in a chat today what I would consider my "Ideal Disciplinarian," and since I figure some of you out there will feel the way I do, I thought I’d blog about it!

First, let me say this my ideal..and not all will see things as I do.  First and foremost spanking is Discipline to me. It's not "FUN" it's not forplay to sex or S&M to me. I believe in respect but not really have to say “Sir!” “Sir!” “Sir!” after every word. In terms of age, well for "Dad" he has to be older, and yes, I am 52 now so I do understand that getting to an age where that is not always possible but still I do have to believe there are many men in the 70's and 80's that really understand Corporal Punishment and really still know to teach a lad a lesson he won't soon forgot.

The oldest spanker I have had was 79 he sadly didn't think anyone would want his service and for any bad boy let me say he was the real deal! So, if you think there are not some adult sons that need your correction give it a try!
Skillful Older Spanker
Eastbourne Daddy

Age aside the most important aspect is the spanker understands what the job at hand is. That task is trying to correct, but always going to punish, the behavior of the lad. A Spanking may or may not stop the behavior, but it should at very least give the bad boy something to remember for a long time and NOT with any fond memories! it is down-right annoying to be asked if it hurts "TOO MUCH" or "Am I hurting you?"....well....That is the whole idea!

Good, upfront conversation before anything happens is critical. Alternatively, I have also had to sign a paper that I understand and agree to all terms of Corporal Punishment and understand a great deal of pain may be felt as a result. I doubt it hold up in any court, but sure sends the message home as you read and sign it.

In any of my long term spanking relationships the other aspect was that it was not all about spanking! At times we went to sports events, car shows just stuff a father and son might do. It helps to build the trust and respect of the Daddy who at times will put you over his knee and do what he has to.


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Friday, August 8, 2014

It Really Hits the Spot!

 The Vermont Country Store Bathbrush...

In April, my FB friend Alan Schmidt put up a post about the "Vermount Country Store Bathbrush," and for those of us who have gotten old fashioned hairbrush spankings with it…well, it rang bells.  Dizzy-making, head-ringing, bottom-burning bells went off in my brain! Oh my goodness, the memories of bare bottomed spankings with this monster…

“…Let me say I have had that weapon applied to my bare fanny, and it is indeed a weapon!!!!!!" said Alan. "I have had many paddles and brushes used on my poor bare fanny, and while I’m not sure I can a pick which is the worst, the Vermont Country Store Bathbrush is RIGHT UP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alan went on to say, “Just because I pick this particular brush as the worst ever, it does not by any means make the strop or regular paddle a walk in the park, but…well, sometimes I wonder if Alan says these things just so he doesn’t get the Daddys out there worked up, so none of them are overcome with the desire to use a paddle on him to show him the hairbrush is a nothing!

Mikey Blu, concurred, “Yep, I have to agree…I now hide the one I bought when a Daddy is in the area.”

“If I had one I sure wouldn't turn one over to be used on my bare fanny," Alan said. "Sadly, I have run across more than one Daddy that had one.” George Bare chimed in and said what I think those of us without The Vermont Country Store Bathbrush were thinking, “I need to add one to my collection. Has anyone seen them on sale any where?”

Well, turns out the Vermont Country Store either went out of business, or they just stopped selling them a couple years ago. Mikey confirmed they are well worth the search, “They don't look like they can do much damage, but when Daddy gets a rapid pace going, you will soon think the world is going to end.”

There is an urban myth that the store actually existed as a real shop not just an online marketplace, and at the merchandising display where the brushes were kept, they were sold under a sign that read: “It really it's the spot!’”


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Dennis the Menace:Creating Your Very Own Boybriefs

Little Rascals
Turning This...
Into These!

In honor of a birthday I didn't even know was coming, I inadvertently made new Dennis the Menace underpants today. The best part is this randomly coincided with his birthday(!) Yes, the actor, Jay North, had his 63rd birthday today, on the same day I turned the cartoon character he made into a T.V. character into boybriefs for myself. Oh man, does it get weirder?

Well...truth be told, I was getting a little bored with my current crop of well-worn boybriefs that I'd created. While I loved the images, and thought I was doing a bang-up job making them, the images were getting paddled right off the seat of my pants! That's probably little surprise to regular readers. 

At any rate, additionally, the waistband images appear to get well-worn by rubbing against the back of my short's elastic band and/or jeans and/or going through the wash. There's really no way to keep them perfect after making them. Unlike most store-bought underpants where the images are dyed directly into the fabric, these are in the end, iron-ons, and I'd guess that those 1970's era things just don't last. 

If you want to make your own so you have boybriefs even if you are a size 60+(!), just follow these fairly simple instructions to the letter and you too can be a fully-realized adult boy during your Spankings with Daddy.

Tips & Tricks for the perfect boybriefs:

  1. Email me at for design ideas if you are struggling. I can help you with creating your very own waistband images. I have many to choose from right now including Dennis, Spiderman, Bob the Builder and more!
  2. Printing images from your color printer is fairly easy, but be sure to reverse (flip horizontal) all images with words on them before ironing onto your clothing.
  3. Trim your images off the contact paper, as closely to the image as you can, so you don't have too much white space. The images that do have too much contact paper around them peel up easily and damage.
  4. Iron the fabric on high heat for a few minutes first. Make sure your clothing is nice and hot first.
  5. Press firmly down on the iron, so your images adhere to the fabric. I sometimes even leave the iron on the seat of my briefs for a full minute, while I'm in the room watching T.V. Just get your mind off of the ironing on and then take the iron off. 
  6. Let the fabric cool completely leaving the paper still adhered to the fabric.
  7. Peel the paper off gently.
  8. Now you'll be brimming with excitement about trying on your new underpants. However, if you do, the image will not adhere to the waistband and cause the waistband images to separate. Same with the images on the seat and on the front. So wash your underpants or t-shirts before wearing. The washing basically seems to press the images more permanently into the clothing.

Ephemera like these images are just that—emphemera. So, catalogue it, keep it for as long as you can, enjoy it fiercely, and let it go.

That's what led me to "Dennis the Menace," a (October 1959 to July 1963) black and white T.V. show I loved as a kid—even though by the time I was watching it, it was waaaay into syndication/reruns. This is a show that they probably wouldn't show any longer, because it's probably lame or too full of corporal punishment threats, but hey, you can still catch "Little Rascals" on some cable channels too, so maybe I'm just jaded. Perhaps "Dennis" is hiding out there in T.V. land somewhere. I was online, searching for artwork for my planned "Dennis the Menace" underpants and another treat popped up, the original art from Hank Ketchum. Ketchum had a real appreciation for real, domestic 1950's Old-Fashioned Hairbrush Spankings and Cornertime. There's no doubt in my mind, he was a guy who really appreciated Cornertime, and he'd be an avid reader here if he were alive today.

Dennis Mitchell had an old-fashioned Daddy (Henry Mitchell) too, who would regularly threaten to discipline Dennis for haranguing the neighbor Mr. Wilson. Usually it was a Time Out on the front steps of the house because he'd caused trouble indoors, but there were actual Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spankings too, that's what led me to the underpants image you see here. I've hand-crafted the best pair of boybriefs ever! I'm so excited and glad I could share with you.

 While I'm not 100% sure the phrase above the seat of my pants is the best phrase—(hint, hint, reader, please suggest an even better phrase if you have one)—the simplicity, the inside "tag" where the "brand" logo normally sits, and the second pair with the Dennis the Menace scenes around the waistband, all strike me as my best effort yet. 

Toodling around on the Internet, I found a few good quotes from the original series to give you a feel for why Dennis the Menace is an ideal image for boybriefs. 

Henry Mitchell: You go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

Dennis: For how long?
Henry Mitchell: Until you're sorry.

Or pestering the neighbor Mr. Wilson and getting into his things:

Dennis: "Boy, you've got to be pretty brave to be riding on a tiger in your underpants."
George Wilson: "Put that away, that's not for kids."
(The mind reels about what object of photo of Mr. Wilson's Dennis picked up to verbalize that remark!)

Lastly, in my researching for this article, I have no idea how I found this cool YouTube link, but Vintage Classic TV Spankings can provide a good hour of fun and frolic. I just couldn't believe it when I found it. I'm so excited to share it with you.


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