Monday, January 26, 2015

Monthly Behaviour Review

Monthly Discipline Reviews Can be Helpful in Reminding Adult Boys of Their Place

Cornertime Confidential finds that Male-male Spanking relationships can benefit from using forms, signage, and other key tools in the Domestic Discipline arsenal to help guide the administration of regular punishment and rewards and to keep the fire alive in your game.

Domestic Discipline between adult males can get complicated. More so than in a regular relationships. As males we are raised to be in charge or at least expected to behave in a way that is "alpha" or not in a way that is perceived to be "weak."

The goal of the Monthly Behaviour Report is to help instill a daily sense of responsibility to the DD dynamic that drives your relationship. adult boys and Daddys both can get really lazy in implementing and carrying out a Daddy/boy dymanic, so the forms in today's blogpost below can really help bridge the gap and make taking action feel like an afterthought.

Keeping Your Domestic Discipline Relationship Lively:
Reviewing Your Behavior Monthly With Daddy

Back in January, this is how Daddy filled in the final, month-end review:

There's no need to do this monthly review together—which is especially helpful if Daddy and boy do not live together. At the beginning of each month, Daddy and his boy can fill out their respective forms separately.

It's important that Daddy select rewards and punishments, not just discipline for the sake of it. Without both, the dynamic of being Daddy's boy can get lost, and the relationship will tend to a BDSM arrangement—which is fine if that's what you're after. But if you are seeking a more Daddy/boy rapport, you might give these forms a try! I hope you'll find they help.

On the last day of each month, the boy's job is to send Daddy his "good behaviour" sheet. Daddy will keep track of your "bad behaviour" on his own throughout the month. Then when Daddy combines both sheets into the final formula (the spreadsheet does all this for you automatically adding up the columns and applying the formulas), then Daddy can talk with you at your month-end Domestic Discipline assessment to do both of the following:
  • Administer the necessary discipline and 
  • Reward you for your good behaviour all at the same time!

If you find this helpful, just let me know by emailing me here, and I'll send the original three-part form to you and your boy:

I have written several other blogposts on how forms, signage, and other punishment instructions or guides can be super helpful in the Domestic Discipline relationship. Just click on these below:



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Friday, January 23, 2015

When Does the Spanking Actually Begin?!

After posting a pic of Nick from video, I was swamped with feedback about his Paddling with one of Reb's original paddles for adult boys. (FYI, I'll be covering the topic of Reb's original paddles during Adult Schoolboy Spankings Appreciation Week at the end of March). But for now, here's a little visual of just how effective Reb's paddles are.

And how surprisingly ineffective double-seat briefs appear to be!

But this post is really about the time-tested question: When does a Spanking actually begin?

  1. Is it the moment Daddy takes you by the ear and pulls you towards the Spanking chair?
  2. Is it only once you are up-ended? Or is it when, as Alan says below,
  3. Only once The Paddle is applied to your bare fanny?

Alan Schmidt commented on your photo.
Well for the adult boy there is nothing wrong with warming up those white pants (I mean warming them up!) before they are lost and The Paddle or Hairbrush is applied to the bare fanny. 

I also find it very effective to be made to stand up and lower my white pants while "Daddy" is watching and hear him say "And now Alan, we can BEGIN your Spanking."

And trust me if Daddy knows what he doing, your fanny is on fire already (white pants do little to prevent any pain). There is nothing you can do, but lower them and do as told, or it'll be worse. Unless you love pain, you will feel like you did at 8 again."

Does the Spanking Begin Once the Paddle Comes Out or
When the Underpants Come Down?
I think Rodney summed it up best from the boys that I know...

Rodney Gene Simmering commented on your photo.
When I was an actual boy, when I got it over my Daddy's knee, it was either pants up or like this...underwear on.

Sadly from my Daddy, I never got it bare bottom.


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Locker Room Show-Off

#MAL2015 Aftermath: Bruising...What to Do?

Cornertime Confidential spent a little time discussing the topic of bruising back in November. But all of this occurred while I was still digesting the story from Facebook that my FB friend Alan began. If your Daddy bruised your heinie like this, would you be a locker room show off, or would you hide the damage?

If you happened to see a red sore bum in the locker room like this regardless of the lads age would you say anything to him? (Oh, it's not mine but trust me my bottom has looked like this many times) and then 2nd question is take away the "interest" of most of my Facebook you think the "Average" would say anything????

Robert Martin My God, that looks bad.
Post-Punishment Spanking Bruising Occurred
Almost Entirely on the Sides of my Fanny
The Seat Seems Fine.

Alan Schmidt I agree Mr. Martin, IT IS bad!  I very much agree. in my first adult spanking time I was 21 and could have well passed for 15 or 16. I did have to show off my red welted fanny in the shower at the gym (My foster dad said it was better than corner time) No one ever said anything although I got a few heavy stares and I think they might have wanted to know...but no one ever did.
Treb Stest I have had worse marks than that (cane marks are more obvious). Nobody ever said anything..
Alan Schmidt I say extreme CP for sure! (and more than the top the sides!!!!!)
George Bare I probably wouldn't say anything, but i would admire it
Vincent McCarthy I'd say something.

"Growing up I showed often a recently
 spanked bottom at lockers room,"
Julien Simonet Super !!!

Don Codered I would ask for sure!
John Collins Yes....would definitely ask! Why wouldn't you?
Jake Adams I would definitely say something. its begging for a conversation.

Alan Schmidt I did sport a very red fanny in locker rooms in my 20's I got many looks but no one said anything

Matt Smith Always wanted to show off my spanked bum in the locker room but have always chickened out....

Agustí Vintró Growing up I showed often a recently spanked bottom at lockers room, some friends commented, but that was a usual scene. As an adult, it happened again more than once. But nobody said anything.

Treb Stest I agree that most would look but say nothing. I got it consensually in my early 20s and looked like a teenager. The guys showering with me almost certainly thought it was non-consensual because of how old I looked.

Jake Teneby If I saw a bottom this soundly beaten, I'd go talk to the boy and tell him to get a new Daddy. No Daddy should ruin an adult boy's bottom like this!

Harrison Cary I'm 56 years old and I still often show a freshly spanked bottom at the gym and at the nude beach we attend ...I'm gay and so are the guys at my gym and at the beach... some have commented on it.. usually expressing sympathy MOST PEOPLE just say nothing. I've seen others with spanked bottoms and I say nothing to them. I figure that no one should be intentionally shamed.

Heavily Bruised Bottoms Give a boy
 a lot to Think About
How am I Supposed to go to
PE Class now!?!?!

@Jake, I respectfully disagree. I think this is a well spanked bottom and MIGHT the boy behave for a little while. 

"My own bottom has looked like this many time...usually after the strap and switch."

I can promise you the boy will not be amenable to getting a new Daddy. I LOVE my Daddy for making sure I behave and loving me enough to punish me. That doesn't mean YOU should allow someone to punish you or that you should punish someone else in the same way. Everyone has their own ideas about what a "spanking" is. I don't feel this is over the top at all though I think it's going to hurt awhile.

Jake Teneby In truth, I think if an adult boy and a Daddy love each other very much, and this happens, then there is consent. As long as there is consent, that's fine. I'd RUN far away from a Daddy who thought this was OK to do to me. But yes, Harrison Cary, the fact is, it's about consent, not about what I think is acceptable.

Alan Schmidt I think as long as a bad boy understands the terms of his CP and how serious it may or may not be then it's all fair game. My bottom doesn't look any better this morning
.....See Translation

Dušan Kaš Líbí.

Dušan Kaš Pokud s tím obě strany souhlasí. Je to v pořádku.   

If both parties agree. It's all right. :-)

Adam Spicer, "This is good advice. Marks on the side take ages to go. 

It is the bum that should be hit not the flanks/sides."


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Friday, January 16, 2015

Relinquishing Control

Photo Courtesy of the Washington Blade
 With MidAtlantic Leather Weekend (MAL Weekend) upon us this weekend—one on which Americans celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday—I am looking forward to a visit from Camp Red Tails friends, including Daddy John and Paddlemeister Ken.

 In honor of his arrival, I have a post for you all on my experience as an adult boy relinquishing control over March Madness weekend over a year ago.

I look forward to sharing my MAL weekend stories with you all soon. Until experiences have been had, I leave you with memories first...


A Trip to Daddy John's

A story about relinquishing control

There is a point when you are disciplined as an adult boy when you end up having to give up control to your Daddy. For many of us, this moment once successfully achieved is a Red Letter Day! But that experience comes and goes when you don't live with your Daddy day-in, day-out.

For those Daddys who don't always have a boy at hand, they can generate this moment of clarity for their boys by talking about their boy's bottom as if it's separate from the rest of him. Let me explain by example.

Giving up Control to Your Daddy

In N.Y. during March 2013, me and Daddy John talked about my bottom a lot, and not just for Spankings. It's probably the moment you also start to talk about your bottom as separate from yourself in front of your Daddy, and as something that will be warmed if your own behavior isn't up to snuff, that you have basically relinquished control. 
I remember at one point I had to go lie in the other room away from the T.V. room where me and the other boys (johnny and littleBen) in the house were watching March Madness basketball games, and I had to go lie on my tummy on the inflatable mattress in the other room where I was sleeping for the weekend. With the spring weather changes, I'd been getting a sore throat, so Daddy sent me in there to have my temp taken.

" ...knowing [the others] knew that I had just had my temp taken
in my boyhole made the experience a complete one."
Once I was on my tummy, Daddy came in, pulled down my underpants, and had me get across his lap. He took out some sticky stuff from a tube and without spreading my boy buns, and wiped it up in there. I remember whimpering that I was too big to get my temp taken in there, but he wasn't having it.

He said if I was going to act like a little boy all weekend, then I was going to be treated like one. 

More on that later...

Anywayzzzz, Daddy John had the butt thermometer in his other hand. That's when he just pushed his finger into my cheeks to find my boyhole and took my temp. Oh my gawd. It was super embarrassing. He told me this would require using Vaseline and a thermometer and stuff, but I don't think I really knew just what this might mean. So down went my underpants, and then he pushed this sticky, impossible to get out of your buttcheeks stuff, Vaseline, in there. That stuff is so gross and really makes you feel boyish, and helpless to really get it out of your buttcheeks.

Like I was saying, that stuff is gooey and gross, and made my underpants squishy after he pulled it out, made a cursory wipe of the place where he found out that I was running a 100 degree temp. But it was also SUPER cool, the way it made me just feel like an adult boy. My briefs were getting a bit gooopey with the Vaseline he used to get the thermometer in. Super kewl to have that happen in front of the other boys, johnny in particular. And super embarrassing. johnnyyelled, "You get off this sofa with those sticky underpants! Don't go messing up the sofa! I'm sitting here."

Training Pants can be Helpful so Vaseline From
Temp Taking Doesn't Mess up the Furniture

It was so humiliating. But Daddy told johnny to pipe down and share. I was just here for the weekend and johnny would have to share. 

But Daddy knew that the sofa could get Vaseline on it, so he took matters into his own hands.

Because my underpants got so sticky, I had to wear plastic pants over my boybriefs, so I didn't mess up the fancy fabric sofa in the TV room while we watched the rest of the games, "This is so your bottom doesn't cause us any more trouble."

Interesting how the interplay of the other boys seeing me put in plastic pants and knowing they knew that I had just had my temp taken in my boyhole made the experience a complete one. The other boys were squirmy and grossed out, but I'm thinkin looking back, I bet they were super excited to see that too.

"Jake got his temp taken in his bottom!" johnny laughed and laughed, probably grossed out, but...

But while I was mad at first, I realized slowly that it was all a part of "play" for the adult boys in the room.  On the one hand it was play, but on the other, there's something very familial and familiar about seeing a little boy in the living room get his temp taken with a rectal thermometer. Peeking around the corner to see my upturned fanny over Daddy John's knee musta been quite a sight.

And something really embarrassing too for me.

A big part of the experience wasn't just embarrassment, which is truly a big modus operandi for me, but also the way the whole weekend turned into a series of unrelated moments about my bottom or littleBen's bottom or johnny's.

It was a couple of days where you as the adult boy felt a bit lost in the world of lack of control—I remember when littleBen got a really really sound beating on his bottom in his bedroom for something he'd done. I could hear each and every swat from where Daddy had had me lie down on my belly after a Spanking I got. I was on my blow-up mattress and heard the whole thing from there, and curious, I got up from my bed (which I'd been told not to do), and tried to push the bedroom door open a bit so I could see...then I ran back to my bed real fast, so I didn't get caught.

All I could think about was I didn't want Daddy to spank my bottom any more. And how great it was that littleBen's bottom was getting red insteada mine! 

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