Monday, October 22, 2012

From Boys II Men: Domestic Discipline Relationships

As promised on Friday, I'm here with a little more information from some readers.

I’ll share a couple of stories from readers and others who I haven’t met in person, but who are in DD relationships:

Top Dad in Los Angeles has a very specific perspective.  He runs a yahoo group that I think a lot of you would be interested in. Top Dad is very keen to find a young male who can be his DD boy. I really shouldn’t put words in his mouth. He has an approach with boys that I find really appealing and helpful to give the boy a sense of what kind of relationship he'll be in if they connect:

 “My main interest is to meet a younger man interested in establishing a Dad/son type ltr including regular discipline but also the fun things a Dad and son can do together. Ongoing discipline only relationship also possible. I'm looking for masculine boys who are 18-30, trim or athletic, white/latino interested in an ltr with a Dad that includes real discipline but also affection and good times together.”  
I think he's well worth following on his blog and his google group.  Sign up today for more info. He has an intergenerational google group that seems to have a lot of detail some of you will be really into:!forum/daddy-in-charge.

Las Vegas Captain
Part of Making Him His Boy Was to
Make Him Wear Boy Briefs From Now On.
I had a chance to meet up online with the Captain from Las Vegas.  He has a boy who travels a lot, but he has turned him into his boy in a Domestic Disciplining arrangement more or less. Daddy has a real flair, man. I loved reading his email detailing how they met--which I'll share with you in a future blogpost--but for now, I thought you'd appreciate this excerpt about how he disciplines his boy:

I alternated cheeks and lectured him about the laundry laying all over, his disgusting filthy bathroom, his unmade bed, his musky towels, the dishes in the sink. I spanked him for all of it and he took every swat but with some sniffs and tears. No sobbing, but it was real discipline and he felt it for sure.  I pulled him up to his feet and added about ten very hard swats while he stood up and danced to the pain. That’s when he said, “I’ll do it right now daddy!” I released him and he ran right over to a chair covered in laundry and started folding. His shorts were still around his ankles his red cheeks were glowing and he had tears in his eyes. That was our first time.

BadGroveBoy recently changed the URL of his "Boy and Boyfriend" blog from a blogspot to his own WordPress site (it's difficult to find in this URL, btw, because BadGroveBoy has a new site; however, scroll down to the September 9, 2012, post and you'll see the backstory.  I cannot recall for the life of me what BadGroveBoy stands he from Bad Grove, California? 

Anyways, he and his Sir explore in a fun and friendly tone a DD relationship of two males who are making a full time thing happen in what I believe is the L.A. area. Theirs seems to be a fully-functional DD experience.  

In a recent post he wrote something terrific that really grabbed me, "Early this afternoon, Sir punished me for an argument I had with him the other day. During the argument, I got a little mean and was very mad (as most arguments get). Being that we are both a dom/sub couple, and a regular couple, Sir and I argued regularly since the argument was about each other. If the argument was about where to go out to eat, or something like that, Sir would have quickly put and end to it and that would be that.  
Anyhow, the material of the argument itself, which we both still feel strongly about our own views, is not something that Sir would ever punish me for. That is a territory where a Dom can get abusive if you’re a regular committed couple as well, if you’re just a Dom /sub could that meet once a week or so, I feel it is perfectly alright for the Dom to always be right. Anyhow, what he punished me for was how I raised my voice to him a lot during the argument."

The post goes on to describe his Cornertime, the use of the rod in his correction, and how humiliation is--in the end--the most important tool his Sir would use to resolve the matter.  He has multiple other examples on his site about how they navigate their Domestic Discipline relationship.

Thanks so much to BadGroveBoy for sharing.  Keep up with him, become a follower of his site.

tBOY AND HIS DADDY And lastly my new friends/readers from New Zealand tBoy and his partner were willing to share their DD relationship with some detail that I thought you’d all appreciate:

tBoy's Whipping for Using More of the Internet
Bandwidth Than They'd Paid for 
Well, we met online about a year and a half ago and talked for ages, I was quite kinky and had just finished studying, were both from New Zealand but he lived in the north island and I lived in the south. He came down to meet and it was love at first sight, I thought I was straight till I was 18 when I realized I might be gay, and I wasn't very experienced with men or relationships but we had a really good time, I loved his personality and maturity, he told me he's into spanking and I didn't think about it much but i thought it might be kinky, then he moved home, and I looked for work in my town.
“…I packed up my car and drove the 9 hour trip, sleeping in a hotel on the way and took my car on the ferry, drove some more and got to daddys house.
“He lives in a factory town, which is where he works and gets stressed easily. I came into his life right after he got screwed over by some employees, and we were just so happy to see each other. I looked for work and did some design work for Daddy, and he made a list of rules. As it turns out I'm quite lazy and after too much mess was left around we had a talk and he told me I’m getting a spanking, ‘I still didn't know what I was in for.
tBoy in his New Zealand Messy Bedroom
A Spanking is Inevitable.
"I hadn't been spanked since I was a boy, my dad used to soap my mouth and spank me sometimes with the wooden spoon, usually when I hit my sisters or swore i can hardly remember it tho, i remember running down the hall, getting dragged into the study and kicking and screaming, i really hated it. They had just stopped caning when I went to school, but i went to an all boys private school with a rich history of discipline and heard lots of storys. 
“Anyway, so i'm about to get spanked and as soon as it starts i wriggle and kick away and freak out because it hurts so much, the next night daddy duck tapes my arms and breaks me over his knee, I cant describe how i felt but everything suddenly seemed really clear, the cleaning wasn't that hard and it seemed so easy, I felt so much better and had a mixture of emotions, I felt bad for disappointing daddy. I've been getting spankings for bad behavior since, and I developed my own fascination with it, exploring the web and finding blogs like this, seeing other boys getting spanked and stuff, reading about it, I really want to meet some but it’s a small town.  
“We f*ck and it’s pretty powerful when daddy brings up my behavior when f*cking me, sometimes i even cry, if Im gonna get spanked he'll tell me, you will be crying, he f*cks me slow and deep, and hard and rough, however he feels and reeeally makes love to me. We've been together for over a year now, and the rules are a lot more loose.  I know what’s right and wrong, what I should and shouldn't do, but the spankings always suck :( We don't film many spankings but might film more…Enjoy.”

    (Oooooops, wrong logo.  Went into Google, typed in boys to men and found this...)


Top Dad said...

Jake, thanks for the mention. Check out my latest entry on my Daddy in Charge blog, you inspired me to write it.

veganreikiangel said...

I like your blog, but find it disappointing posting someone's racist "preferences" which are really harmful to our community at large, and I personally am tired of seeing ads only for skinny twinks....

Jake said...

I am unsure what Vegan Reiki Angel is saying here. I'm not sure if he thinks I'm a racist or is upset I have a photo of a skinny boy on this blogpost.

If there is racist content in here, I do not see it. I apologize if it's there, so please do direct me to it, if it is.

As I see it, I think he might be upset that this blogpost has info about Daddys looking for younger boys. I appreciate how that is not appropriate for everyone. Myself, I'm in an age-equivalent DD relationship.

But if I can rectify the insulting elements in here, I'm happy to clean up the post.

veganreikiangel said...

Thanks for your response, Jake. My issue is that Top Dad specifically stated that hes looking for white/latin guys. He says: " I'm looking for masculine boys who are 18-30, trim or athletic, white/latino."
I dislike when guys state racial preferences like that, because it is racist. I know that doesnt mean that TD dislikes dark skinned people generally, but when people say things like that, stereotypes, subconscious racist beliefs etc do come into play, and it is very hurtful for people of color who constantly have to see that its *white only* or white and (light skinned) latin. Also...he states hes looking for *masculine* boys...another word thrown around the latest trend, yet no one can actually identify what *masculine* means, except by stereotype. As someone who is stocky, and doesnt fit the skinny twink mold, and has a *baby face* that when shaved gets me zero attention because I dont look *masculine* enough. I get tired of seeing Daddies that ONLY want skinny, athletic and fake masculine guys, adding into it racism disguised as *preferences*. Usually to my speaking out on this I often get told....well....I cant help it, I wont have sex with a woman, so am I mysogynist etc....?) but the difference here is.....sexual orientation isnt something that people change...they discover, and personal tastes DO change over time.....including physical and racist ideas....and most people arent attracted to certain groups of people because of stereotypes they hold about them....whether on the surface or not.

Jake said...

Thanks for explaining, VRK. While I cannot speak to your take on TD's racism (and I've met him, so that'd surprise me)—and my Daddy is African American, so I am probably not the person to weigh in here—I can speak to my strong feelings about "look-ism." I recently wrote a blogpost about it. I hope my readers will soak it in, and dedicate themselves to creating a Corporal Punishment Community that engages ALL players, not just "skinny white twinks." (And yes, I'm a skinny white boy!)

Thanks for bringing up this very touchy topic with Cornertime Confidential. I wonder what Top Dad would say!

Princess said...

We run a Domestic Discipline Networking Website and everyone is welcome!

Princess x