Monday, November 26, 2012

Southern Discipline: Woodshed Cornertime

Attention, readers. Unfortunately, Southern Discipline has shut down his site, his work. And that's bad for all of us. His work, specifically on this video was amazing. Sir, we miss you.


Uh....Does it get Better Than This?  Answer: No.
So, boyJohnathan, a friend here in DC, recommended a video for my site today. I have to admit the use of cornertime in this video just knocked me out. It felt completely spontaneous and logical and fit in perfectly. I think it's safe to say that the Man at Southern Discipline is really seeking to make his mark. (Uh, actually, and I know this is impossible to believe, rereading this now, but, no pun intended).

And wow they do a bang up job.  But our Daddy in this video below does include Cornertime throughout in a way that is so genuine, I could clearly feel like the boy in the corner just waiting until Daddy decided he was done with Adam, and it was John's turn to have his bottom beaten.

As you will see, John and Adam have a difficult time doing their chores. And frankly, until I saw Mr. SouthernDiscipline apply the strap, I had no idea it could be so incredibly effective in deterring laziness. Wanna make a boy do as he is told?  I have some advice:  watch Mr. SouthernDiscipline apply this technique.

And while I'm not usually a fan of videos or leather belts and razor strops, this video breaks the mold. When the Mr. SouthernDiscipline in this video uses the strap as a paddling tool, he really shows how useful this kind of a spanking can be.

The Perils of Cornertime
After watching this, I cannot help but think all teenaged boys need to be in white briefs for their spankings, so for all you out there who have been trapped in your teenage-d years, well into your 20s, 30s, and beyond, watch closely and learn how white briefs turn you into the little boy you behave like. Between the sniffles at the end and the intense Cornertime throughout, I cannot think of a better video I've ever seen on this

 "Tanning a boy's hide" has never been so convincing.

Question for you readers: lastly, I feel like I know Mr. SouthernDiscipline from somewhere. If you know him or could let him know I'm singing his praises here, I'd appreciate it. Email me what you know!

Be sure to check out all of SouthernDiscipline's vids at
Waiting to Find out What to Expect

A little background for you lucky souls who made it to the end of this blog post.  Mr. SouthernDiscpline emailed me! (I am the luckiest badboy in the country right now!).  At any rate, he said something that was super cool.  He said, "This was my very first video, and it was very spur of the moment, so I'm very glad that it came out the way it did, and really launched this whole crazy studio idea in the first place." I love the way "amateurs" in our world can show themselves to be such professionals without show-horsing.

'bless your heart, Mr. SouthernDiscipline. Thank you for being your big bad self. I know tons of the Cornertime Confidential readers will be avid fans after seeing this clip!


Stephen McPartland said...

The clip does not play. It just keeps spinning and spinning and never loads

Jake said...

I'm so sorry to report that Southern Discipline has sort of fallen off the face of the earth. His work (particularly on this incredible video) is lost to us forever. The corporal punishment community is at a loss. If you are reading this, Southern Discipline, you and your work are well-missed.