Monday, January 7, 2013

Cornertime—Part of Punishment, not a Cooling-off Time

Schoolboy Paul in The Corner...again!

Another great post from schoolboy Paul (or as I like to say him:  "Skewlboy" Paul!).  We'd been emailing back and forth about the lack of sufficient blog posts about Cornertime specifically. We cover so much here at CornertimeConfidential, but sometimes it helps to reflect just on the nature of what your time in the corner is all about. 

I hope even more of you readers will chime in and email me. It's not always easy to blog about this small part of Adult Boy discipline, but give it a try. Share with all the hundreds and hundreds of weekly readers what you experience as a boy or as a Daddy.  

What is it like for a Daddy to put his boy in the corner? Does it disappoint him? Excite him? Does he sit there and wonder, "Oy vey, you know what, he's been so much trouble, I'm gonna leave him there to stew."  And what happens if you don't keep your eye on your little boy?  I know I tend to look over my shoulder, see if I can do things while I'm waiting. I know I did in Chicago recently at Daddy Ron's house. I had to spend so much time in The Corner!  Ugg!  

At any rate, email ( or "comment" below. Now, let's hear what schoolboy Paul has to say about his time in The Corner.

My Daddy puts me in the corner almost every time he spanks me. Usually he puts me there after the whole spanking is over, so I’m not wearing much—maybe just my socks, or my socks and a t-shirt. He insists that I stay in the corner at least 15 minutes, sometimes a little longer.

I hate corner time. All I want to do after a spanking is lie on my stomach and rub my sore bottom. But standing in the corner kinda forces me to think about what brought me there in the first place. I know that’s exactly what my Daddy wants me to think about too.
  • Why did I disobey him again?
  • Why did I ignore the rules?
  • What did I talk back to a grown-up?
  • Why did I play instead of doing my work?
It’s always the same corner, in the bedroom where I get spanked—and so I always associate that corner with punishments.
Sometimes, he does put me on a chair in that corner, and I hate that even more, because the chair always makes my bottom feel more sore. For my daddy, corner time is part of the punishment; it’s not a cooling-off time.
The one thing I most dislike about corner time is that I’m without my clothes. I feel so naked standing there, but I know that if I were to dare to dress myself before Daddy told me to I would be right back over his knee, getting a worse spanking than ever—and then even longer corner time. 

A spanking may remind me that Daddy has authority, but corner time drives home the point that I don’t have anything to say about how I spend my time. And that is a real punishment to a boy, especially an Adult Boy.

by skoolboyPaul

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