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A Visit with Southern Discipline

Thanks so much for doing this interview with Cornertime Confidential. It's always a pleasure to get to talk with guys who not only really get what I'm blogging about, but also seem to really get into what they are doing in the spanking world. You seem really into spanking, making spanking videos, and specifically domestic-style spankings, discipline, etc. How would you describe yourself on the spanking spectrum? Is this something you do every once in a while with dates? Is this a full time pursuit for you personally? Or is this just a job, where you are spanking because the videos bring you some money?

Thank you for your interest, and the opportunity to share some of this. Spanking has been an interest of mine since as early as the 5th grade, in my memory. It has gone from occasional fantasy, to full pursuit, to occasional connection, and ultimately an artistic and entertainment endeavor. While money is made off my content, I wouldn’t really call it a full-scale business endeavor. I mostly got into this as result of a whim video that really took off. I always felt there was an absence of authentic, realistic, American, and yes Southern style discipline out there, and I wanted to make an impact on that. The first video was one shot, one clip, little rehearsal. All of my videos are shot in that style.

Amazing how the spanking world has just flooded the internet. When I was first into this, there were just a few outliers doing this (MansHands video, and a few others) and you had to buy the images in bookstores. Since many of us would go to those bookstores with friends to meet people, it wasn't an ideal time to buy a spanking mag. Besides, I was well enough known in my community that I didn't want some motor mouth clerk telling the world I lived in what I was buying. The internet seems to have fixed that for boys and the Men Who Spank them and made the online world a haven for spanking video producers like you.

But you seem a little younger than me. I wonder if you ever used to look for spanking images in mags in bookstores, or are you too young to know about the way life was before the internet?! Can I ask your age?

I am in my early thirties. To be honest, the internet was how other peoples interest in spanking was made aware of me. I think we all went through a stage of thinking we were weird for being into this, until we were introduced to others that shared our interest. For me, that came fairly early, I think my family got an internet connected computer sometime in the mid ‘90s, or junior high or early high school for me.
I still remember logging on and trying to quiet the sound of our incredibly noisy dial-up modem so as to not alert my parents to unauthorized internet use. I can’t imagine how impossible it is for parents now to protect their kids from some of the dangers of the internet.

You're "Southern" Discipline. Did you grow up in the south or are you just "into" the idea of Southern Discipline?
 I am from Texas originally but grew up in the northeast. However, my household was run still very much like a southern household, chores, both indoors and outdoors, and regular buttwhippins.

If you did grow up in the South, can you tell us about the spanking environment for boys growing up when you grew up there?
I mostly got it in the household, from mom wherever and whenever she could land a strike pretty much, but dad was more ritualistic. In the bedroom, bent over, belt, etc. Occasionally in the shed if we were doing outdoor work.

 How did you get into spanking?
My earliest memory of being “into” spanking was looking up the definitions to spanking related terms in the dictionary in the 5th grade. Ironically, I was actually commended by my teacher to my parents for my interest in learning as a result.

How did you find out about spanking and the boys who are into it?
My first major encounter with adult m/m consensual spanking was Jimka’s M/M Spanking Archive, I believe. I still visit the modern incarnation occasionally to read a great story. Something about an author’s vivid detailing recount of a butt whipping can still be more exciting than watching a video, as it’s very difficult to hit everyone’s ticks about a spanking scene with the majority of content that is produced out there by video. With the vast volumes of spanking stories at the archive, you can still find that gem of a story that really hits your favorite triggers, and of course the rest is up to the most sensual organ, the brain (imagination).

I’m so glad you mentioned Jimka. For the life of me, I cannot figure out whatever happened to him—although I suppose, he’s probably the guy who keeps the site up. He never really puts himself out there from what I can tell. He was a rockstar of the early internet for me. Cornertime Confidential did a post on him, and I love that the archive has never died down. (

When did you spank your first boy?
I had a guy that introduced me to messing around with guys in junior high, and I spanked him very lightly before we graduated. I was very timid about my interest for the better part of my young adulthood and adolescence. 

Did you find when you yourself were a boy that you wanted to spank the other boys? I know that I started that way. I was really into the idea of getting to spank my friends and their brothers and actually did. We would play out being caught in class getting in trouble. Me, my best friend and his older brother would play the role of teacher and then two students. It was kinda funny thinking about it in retrospect, given that I'm into spanking now. I have not caught up with my best friend from those days since, but I now have connected with him on FB. I wonder if it affected him. I know he and his girlfriend of 10 years just broke up, so this might not be the best time to ask.
At that age, I think I mostly fantasized about various guys I knew getting spanked, mostly cocky jocks, athletic guys, guys that went my high school and church. In those instances I mostly fantasized about them getting spanked by their own dads, when I was familiar with their dads, but if I didn’t know their guardian I certainly substituted myself in the spanker role very often.

Do you have childhood spanking stories you could share that perhaps motivate some of your work? or heck, motivate you in the spanking world?
Most of the accounts from my friends that I heard or encountered growing up were limited and not very titillating for me. I would embellish the characters, scene or intensity in my fantasy.

Have you ever had yourself a full time boy of your own at home that you are in a Domestic Discipline relationship with?
No, but I have spoken with many who are interested in that style of relationship. It is a very, very daunting task to administrate, the most daunting seems to be at most times the sheer distance between the individuals that share this interest.

On top of all of the accommodations that must be made to both men’s lifestyles to do this effectively, the shared interest is so uncommon that you find yourself talking to someone halfway across the world it seems about it, making distance and moving the first obstacle in the first place very often.

I would be open to it, but serendipity hasn’t quite brought it together just yet. 

Do you have a FB page to get word out about your videos? Twitter? Anything else that the readers should know about?
I shied away from most social media. I have some deep-rooted concerns about privacy in the modern world, so both in my private and fetish life, I prefer to have as minimal a presence online as possible. There are no plans for a FB or Twitter for SouthernDiscipline anytime soon. 

Fans are able to follow activity through several outlets however:

M_spank_m google group—I always post updates there, when they are made available.

Clips4Sale—Clips4Sale updates the SouthernDiscipline listing when there are updates, and if you have ever purchased a video from there, and signed up via e-mail, I send out update e-mails whenever new content is added to the studio.—I welcome viewer feedback and can usually respond to thoughtful e-mails. 

What are the outlets for getting to download your videos? isn't a site I know, so I wouldn't normally go there, but once I saw your videos on, I thought, this guy has really got it going on. I would download and pay for these videos in a heartbeat.

The videos are available by searching username Southern Discipline on

My clips are available for purchase and download at Other amateur clip sites have been made aware to me, and I will explore providing them there and elsewhere in the New Year, but for now the full-length clips are only available at the SouthernDiscipline Studios Clips4Sale store.

Sample and teaser clips, as well as full-length originals are available for viewing by searching username SouthernDiscipline. Also, we have had the “Top Favorite” video (Woodshed Strapping) in the Male/Male Spanking section of spankingtube for quite some time now as well, and are very proud of that. Especially since this was our maiden voyage into spanking clip creation.

I think the authentic (read: not made with professional boys) quality is what makes them work so well. Your production values are really great, considering it looks as if you shoot this in your own home. Do you shoot these in your own home? If you do, tell me a little about how you don't get the neighbors wondering why every time a boy comes by, he leaves crying.
To give credit where credit is due, I have a close-friend and collaborator who provides the use of his house and land for the shooting of these videos. He is also the cameraman, and primary clip editor. Creatively these videos are very much my vision, technically they are very much his product. 

What I want to accomplish I would describe as authentic. Although very often in this scene one equates with the other due to some of the rather dreadful so-called professional productions available out there. My primary interest is to shoot as realistic, intense butt whippin’ clips as possible.

Whether it’s a scenario with roles, or real-life discipline.

I don’t want to splice together lengthy “intense” scenes where the boy is given the opportunity to take breaks in between, or light and lengthy spankings that milk the sexiness of the model or the mediocre speech or banter. All spanking content has an audience otherwise it wouldn’t be there, and certainly for viewing I enjoy all types, but for creating, I strictly want to make authentic, domestic style discipline spankings.

I was surprised by the quality, like I say, because the barn scenes seem to be shot on a real barn, not in Van Nuys, CA, on a porno lot. Where do you shoot your videos?
Our videos are shot in the rural south. Very real, very rustic, very tetnisy (just kidding) I think our location’s authenticity really contributes to the general feel of the video (especially the “Dylan Caught Smoking—Real and Voyeur View” clip). You really get the feel that that’s exactly what would happen to a young man caught smoking behind the barn, and that if his little brother heard the commotion, that he would have his eye peaking through a hole in the barn right quick to catch the action. I’m hoping to incorporate new locations and scenarios into productions soon. So if anyone in the Mid-South United States has some ideas for safe, private shooting locations, please feel free to let me know.

And boys...great boys in your stable...where did you find boys who were willing to be spanked on camera?
 I have found talent from spankthishookups, but it is infrequent, and most often distance is an issue. Then there’s Craigslist. As many people have pointed out, is there anything you can’t find on Craigslist? It seems even the most bizarre, and timid fetishists are able find matches on that melting pot of a classifieds site. It’s rarely effective, and numbingly tedious at times, but it has produced some of the talent I have worked with.

I think there’s more talent available in more progressive areas of the United States, and world. Certainly it seems like just about every 18-24 year old is willing to do a stint in gay porn in places like California and Florida (or the UK or Europe) but there are no plans to relocate to any of those places anytime soon to pursue this full-time. However, I would be happy to take this circus on the road if there were some eager, reliable, uninhibited talent centrally located in one area.

It has been suggested to me to pursue rentboys and other escort services, but again, financing and distance often prove it to be an unfruitful path to explore.

Where did you find a cameraman that you could use for these? I am struck by how solid the camera work is, I get to see everything up close and personal, but again, it's not got the sheen of those porno sites that are making it look slick and more unreal.
I am forever indebted to my friend and cameraman. He is a fellow spanko, and we met after years of back and forth chat for a good old fashion butt whippin’. I gave him a good, introductory lickin’ in the very shed we use for most of our woodshed scenes. (He also gingerly plays the role of Adam in the original Woodshed Strapping clip), and an odd friendship was born from there.

Through a bizarre set of circumstances we became very close, very quickly, and I really appreciate the intellectual discussions we have shared over our shared interest. As much as this scene is a physical act, the most dominant and impacting aspect of it is the mental. And finding partners that are on your mental level, and can trigger the right “head-space” or mindset is the paramount, most important aspect, over the physical characteristics or scene.

[ "This blog deals exclusively with consensual adult spanking. Any references to "Daddys", "boys", etc. are exclusively meant to describe adults 18 years or older in consensual roles as adults."]

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T J Petters said...

Southern Discipline seems to have disappeared from the internet: No longer on clips4sale and advertises music in Alabama. Does anyone know what happened? As the article indicates, this was (is?) one of the most authentic spanking video producers I've ever seen. I believe the videos were produced in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and my hope is that the hypocritical southern baptists did not dispatch southern discipline. In any event, I wish all the best to Southern Discipline now and in the future.