Monday, April 22, 2013

The Spanking Archive

JIMKA Lives!

New MMSA main site indexWhile I feel certain all my readers have already found the MMSA archive, for anyone who might not know, there is a treasure trove of spanking journaling, storytelling, facts, figures, tall tales, that has been kept alive all these years (at least a decade or more), and it's time to share.

What used to be barely navigable back in the '90s is now a highly organized set of thousands of stories from writers from across the globe.  My favorite portion is how you can read stories based on spanking scenario:  It's so inventive and creative. cane pictogram

Jimka, the guy who created this archive of stories, was waaaay ahead of the curve. I think it's just terrific that he did this.  I think he could only have done this back in the day by having folks send in their stories to him.  Then he'd get them up for the writer. tawse pictogram
That's a whole lotta work. paddle pictogram

But my goodness, with these icons, and the effort he makes to keep this site alive, I want to encourage you all to find the best tale he's stored away. And read about the best tails spanked red, share with friends on your FB page, and tell your network. spank pictogram

[ "This blog deals exclusively with consensual adult spanking. Any references to "Daddys", "boys", etc. are exclusively meant to describe adults 18 years or older in consensual roles as adults."]


Anonymous said...

Jimka handed the archive over to a guy in the UK named Ian in 2005. Since then, different people have expanded the archive, designed the pseudo-Olympic avatars, and programmed the database ( Though Jimka still deserves props as the originator. I remember the old flat-file archive, as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Jimka handed the archive over. I think he closed it down and Flagellant opened a new, but very similar one. Not all the stories from the old archive made the transition.

Every thing else you said was great. While Flagellant does have a lot of help with the code and story reviews, a LOT of work goes into that site. As both a writer and author, I appreciate it, and I'm glad to see others do as well.