Friday, April 26, 2013

The Arkham Spanking Position Severity Chart

Special Spanks errrr Thanks to Ms. Arkham 

for the Arkham Spanking Scale Below Today:

Without the internet, where would we be, I ask you? Who knew that there was this much detail available on the power of certain positions over other positions/ I thought Ms. Arkham's 10.5 rating for the diaper spanking position was particularly insightful. In my experience, I'd completely agree. I remember Daddy Don paddling me so soundly in this position that when he allowed me up, I was hyperventilating!

We had to stop and re-compose ourselves. The excitement was beyond all expectations.

Thanks to Daddy Don's ingenuity, he swiftly moved from my diaper position paddling to having me do the chores I hadn't completed. As I remember it was vacuuming the living room. But because I hadn't done it properly the first time, he had me use the hand vacuum. That was a problem because I'd lost my pants privileges!

So with the curtains open in his Virginia condo, I was basically without pants on, maybe in my socks, and I had to get on all fours and vacuum every inch of the living room carpet. As I worked, he took his spanking stick and switched my heinie as I went. It was so painful and humiliating.

The horror of the humiliation with the curtains opened wide was almost worse than the diaper position paddling itself.

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